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    Guidelines to Suggesting a Project


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    Guidelines to Suggesting a Project

    Post  mangalover23 on Tue Sep 20, 2011 6:11 pm

    To request that we pick up a new project please fill out the following information. Please do not request a licensed series or series being scanlated by other ACTIVE groups (meaning they haven't officially dropped the project or the group hasn't disbanded yet). Also, do not request projects we are already working on. If a chapter hasn't been released yet but has not been officially announced as a dropped series then it is currently still being worked on.

    1. Title
    2. Original Language
    3. Name of group(s) that scanlated it first if any
    4. Tell us where we can get good raws, otherwise we probably can't do it.

    This isn't a guarantee that we'll pick it up the series, but we will consider it.

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