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    Junketsu+Kareshi (Pureblood+Boyfriend)


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    Junketsu+Kareshi (Pureblood+Boyfriend)

    Post  cozen on Thu Jan 17, 2013 3:17 am

    There is also this one. The group doing it seems slightly aggitated with it fans. However the fans do have a good point. It is also notable that the last posted comment by the group point blank stated that they were not obligated to release anything regarding that title. Kind of sounded a bit defensive for a reply.

    Original thread:
    There is a new comment to Junketsu + Kareshi.
    Comment Link:
    Author: Melfra
    Last I checked we weren't obligated to do this kind of thing. What would you rather we say? No we don't do joints, just as we've explained dozens of times before? If it wasn't for the entitlement complex of some people I wouldn't even bother responding good god

    Anyways this title was also just another one of my suggestions. I also like this series. It doesn't have any smut in it but it gets quite hot and heavy at times.

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