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    The Bear and The Salmon


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    The Bear and The Salmon

    Post  Black_Rabbit on Wed Jan 23, 2013 11:38 pm

    It was a warm autumn day, summer had just ended and it was time for the bears to start gathering food supplies for winter. All the bears set out to find a perfect cave for themselves to spend the winter in. They set out in to the deep, deep forest to find food and gather enough leaves to keep them warm during the cold winter that is about to come in just a couple of months. Yes, all of them set out, even the big brown bear, but this big brown bear was a bit special, a bit different from all the other bears. Now, while all the other bears were out there eating berries and looking for the perfect cave to spend the winter in this particular bear was thinking of something else entirely. He was thinking of a salmon. In all his many bear years he had never eaten a salmon. It was partially because salmons are difficult to catch, especially if you’re a big lazy bear that is. So, having never tasted the sweet flavor of a salmon this particular bear decided to go out there and catch one. However he soon learnt that that was easier said than done. Being as lazy as he was he never wandered very far from that one part of the forest, so he didn’t know where the big river full of salmons was. But that didn’t stop him because once this particular bear was determined to get something done, he got it done, and it was so, that he decided to wander off into the same direction as all the other bears. Yes, he set off on the journey to find a salmon.
    He walked for a couple of hours and had finally reached the part of the forest he has never entered before. He looked left and he looked right, a feeling of uncertainty overtook him and a cold wind started to blow from the unknown part of the forest. He turned his head towards the sky and smelled the cold air. For a moment he just stood there watching, when he realized one important thing, he had no idea where to find a salmon, so he thought and thought and thought really hard when finally, it hit him: water, salmons are in water. True, there was a stream not far from here yet there were no salmons in it, so the bear thought harder and harder and came to a conclusion, the stream just wasn’t big enough, he had to find a larger one, the one the other bears were always talking about, so he set off, he set off to find that large stream full of salmons.
    Now all the other bears knew where this river was, and all he needed to do was ask them that one simple question, however at this particular time in this particular season all the bears were out there, out in the deep, deep forest searching for food. And because this particular bear was a very lazy bear he was behind, behind by a lot, behind by so much he could never hope to catch up to them, partially because he was to lazy for that and partially because he had no idea where they went. So he had no other option left but to find the large salmon stream by himself. Now this particular bear was a smart bear, so smart in fact he knew exactly what to do to find that salmon stream. But before he would do that he had to get his rest, so he gathered together some leaves and went to sleep. “Tomorrow” he thought, “tomorrow I will catch that salmon”.

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