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    The Song Which Could not Be Heard



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    The Song Which Could not Be Heard

    Post  Kiyiya on Mon Mar 25, 2013 10:49 am

    Yeah… so… I am trying to do an (already failed) attempt to write something that should slightly represent something close to… a story? Yes, that should be it…

    It was the year 227X. A silent night like any other. But this was all about to change.
    A bright flash. A terrifying sound. And the beginning of my “supposed-to-be” story.

    Yes... that’s how it’s not going to start. Why!? Well simple. It’s because I want it to start more heroic.
    So… still continuing to read this, eh? Such persistence… it’s… worth rewarding.
    And that’s what I shall do. No? try? Yes, that’s what I shall try.
    So for those foolish enough to continue reading this. Have fun! And may god (that’d be me) have mercy on your soul.


    Posts : 51
    Join date : 2012-09-27
    Age : 22

    Re: The Song Which Could not Be Heard

    Post  Kiyiya on Mon Mar 25, 2013 10:52 am

    The Song Which Could Not Be Heard

    A long, very long time ago. There was a continent which I shall dub ‘Arterion’.
    It contained a village which shall be named ‘Sirion’. The village was built around a shrine,
    The shrine of The Black Rose. Within the shrine was a beautiful fountain called “The Fountain of the Twin Dragons”.

    Ever since the origination of the village, there was a strange presence that could be felt by the highly sensible people of the town. This sensibility, which was a special trait only contained by the village’s people, was considered both a curse and a celestial blessing.

    It is said that the presence is the lingering feelings of the goddess who created the fountain, Annex, the Queen of the Higher Planes. The story tells that The goddess fell in love with a human. The goddess, who wanted to protect her love, bestowed upon him the heavenly ability to sense every kind of danger. However, she herself, would become the very threat to her love’s life.

    A future of pain and hardships would fill the lives of the two of them. She herself knew that gods and humans weren’t supposed to be together. But she couldn’t let go of these feelings. They were too strong. She had never felt any kind of feeling towards a human. Neither hate nor love.

    Annex, who descended from her territory, was quickly noticed by the other gods. Some respected and some despised her decision to live with the human. This turned into what was later called “The heavens Apocalypse”. Heaven and Earth became separated, never to merge again.

    As the goddesses cannot live without their life source, The feathers of Archeonidus, she was forced to return to the heavens, never to see her love again.

    Tormented by her feelings she decided to pay a visit to the one existence greater than even the almighty gods. Kyo, the Supreme Overlord.

    She walked the long, long stairs towards the room which contained this almighty existence. A great and shiny gate was now the only thing between her and Kyo.

    Annex used her celestial powers to open the gate. But as the gate opened, a great and suffocating pressure slipped through the opening. Even the goddess, who was known for her unparalleled powers, was brought to her knees. Forced to watch helplessly as a giant hand headed towards her.

    -End of part 1-

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