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    What manga(s) are you crazy about?


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    What manga(s) are you crazy about?

    Post  mangalover23 on Thu Sep 22, 2011 7:15 pm

    Basically this thread is where people can share what your favorite mangas, manhua or manhwas is. You can list them however you want. You can also list your favorite charaters too or whatever you want that pertains to manga like a genre etc.

    My favorite genres are shoujo, josei, martial arts, fantasy and romance. I can tolerate horror cause its kinda cool also shounen. Yaoi is ok too.

    I like mangas with a strong female lead. (female empowerment lol)

    My list of favs:
    50 rules for teenagers
    Bijo Juku
    Sailor Moon (yes I wrote sailor moon, its a classic)
    Akazukin Chacha (another classic from the 90's)
    Kodocha (and another classic)
    Perfect Girl Evolution aka the Wallflower

    As you can see its a lot of romance what can I say I like romance I read others like Bleach, One piece, Dengenki Daisy, Tokyo Alice but they are not my absolute favorite. Btw this only a few I'm a Manga junkie/addict. Anyway that' my list. Feel free to share

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    Here is mine!

    Post  nerokatze on Fri Sep 23, 2011 12:26 am

    i don'r really care about genre, as long as its interest me i will read it.

    My fave this far:
    - Deathnote
    - Bakuman
    - Hikaru No Go
    see, its all takeshi ohbata! yes i'm big fan!

    - One piece
    - The Breaker
    - Wild Life
    - Ao No Exorcist
    - God Hands Teru
    - Air gear
    - Black cat

    thats my top ten list i guess (not in particular order).

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    Re: What manga(s) are you crazy about?

    Post  -Shiro- on Fri Sep 23, 2011 4:29 pm

    Nerokatze, you like a lot I like too lol
    I've read Death Note and it was really good. But I actually prefer the anime. Dunno why but in my opinion, it's a bit better. Usually, I prefer the manga but concerning Death Note, it's the only manga which is better as an anime IMO
    Bakuman is great. Nice idea, I like slice-of-life manga.
    Hikaru no Go inspired me to play Go. One of my favorite games but it's not easy to get better. I've been stuck for some time.
    I've read Wilflife. Drawings are so-so but really fun Smile
    Ao no Exorcist is one of my favorites too. I've been watching the anime lately but the manga caught my eyes first. The basic idea is quite nice and Rin is depicted well.

    My favorite manga is Rurouni Kenshin. A bit old maybe but I liked the way the characters have a dark past and deep feelings. The drawing style changed a lot during the manga which makes it interesting to read.

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    Mine are :D

    Post  Founder on Fri Sep 23, 2011 5:03 pm

    Well... i've read A LOOOTT of i'm gonna write the ones i remember the most.

    Akumetsu - This manga...was awesome...if you'r into politics and mysteries and shit that gets you like "WTF, HOW HOW ? HOW THE FUCK DID THAT...HOOOW??????..." and like lots of blood...and also teaches you a lot about japans economy...though
    i don't think that's real...but lets look at Greece... now this guy Akumetsu., the manga...stopped japans economy from going towards the same situation Greece was and probably still is in....

    Wolf Guy - one of my favorite Mangas, and it's still on going... the artists and author who did Akumetsu are doing this one, so this is an immediate fav from me Very Happy... Basically, it's about this guy... who gets beaten up everyday... buut its not your regular story(Guy beaten up -> gains powers -> is awesome)... its more like... he can take it... they beat him over with a car... carve "mutt" into his back...torture him...but he just rises up like its nothing...and smiles Very Happy... badass Very Happy... his wounds heal in a matter of minutes however big they are...oh and did i say that he turns into a werewolf at night and jumps around buildings at night... This so reminds me of batman XD...

    Bleach - i think you'r all familiar with this...
    Naruto - do i need to say?...
    One Piece - if you don't know this one...well... sad for you XD...

    Sun - ken rock - ahhh this ones awesome..its about this guy becoming a boss of a small mafia gang...then taking over a whole city...and then expanding and just expanding...really good manwha ^^

    Beelzebub - now this guy...i feel sorry for... he became a baby's parent because he is evil and despicable XD... he is the definition of Evil!... and the baby, Beelzebub loves it... why ?...well it might have something to do with Beelzebub being Satans

    Dengeki Daisy - This is about a hacker who has to pay for his sins... or something...its really good, i like it Smile... if you'r into romance and sometimes violence... and a lot of comedy Very Happy... then this is something for you Wink... i actually don't wanna spoil anything, so i'm not gonna write much about it...

    The Breaker - AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3.... LOOOVE ITTT!!!!...Fighting manga...
    "Weak guy gets beaten up -> finds teach -> trains him -> he becomes badass..."

    The Breaker: New Waves - still on-going... awesome manga Smile...its the second season from the first one...

    Veritas - A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!!!!!..... also a fighting manwha... main guy is strong...but not 1vs 10 ppl strong Razz...finds a random dude
    who is like 1vs10 ppl strong...and forces him into making main guy his disciple Razz...

    Ao No Exorcist - Nice manga Smile...i like it...

    Transfer Student Storm Bringer - NICE NICE NICE... this is just.... this manwha is unique...check it out...i know the art style might seem a bit...uh unusual... but once you get into the manwha, you'r gonna be hooked Very Happy...

    Noblesse - Nice Manwha, i'm lucky i found it so early... there are 202 chaps now, i started reading this when there were 50 chaps...and i've read every chap... it's almost like uh... Bleach or Naruto for me... i'm waiting for it every week checking my mail...

    Tough - This is a uh...well ..uh... it's a fighting manga... but mm... it's very has things like Clans...who have special techniques....and its...its hard to put into words, but know this, since i'm only mentioning the ones that i can think off right now, it means this is a very good manga!!!..and you'r not going to regret reading this, trust me!

    Hajime no ippo - You've all heard about this one right ?... Boxing manga...its really good, very realistic... it might have some like "magic moments" but those are because, they push their bodies to their limits...and tell me you guys have never done that ? running outside and you feel the pain in your chest, and legs but you'r like "FUCK THIS, I AIN'T STOPPIN *starts to run even faster...* "
    cuz thats what this manga is all about...pushing yourself beyond your limits.

    Hitman reborn- shame on you if you don't know this one...
    Soul eater - also something you should be ashamed of if you don't know this one...

    Holyland - Very uniqie fighting manga... its about fighting on the streets where everything goes, and where its "do or die"...

    Deadman Wonderland - Main guy gets put in Jail because he "supposedly killed all his classmates"...but is it really what happened?...
    Didn't someone else maybe do it?

    Hellsing - A LOOT OF BLOOD, A LOOOOTTTT OF BLOOOODDD:... hated the anime... loved the OVA...loved the Manga...

    Drifters - It's from the same guys who made Hellsing.....very nice art style... me like :3

    And those are the ones i came to think of right now Razz..hope someone will get into at least one of these Very Happy....

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    Re: What manga(s) are you crazy about?

    Post  nerokatze on Fri Sep 23, 2011 9:15 pm

    @shiro: yeah, the anime was superb. but still i think the manga is better if not the same as good ^^
    you played Go, wow... i also tried to play but i'm sucks. i prefer playing shogi.
    yeah the art is not so good but who cares anyway.
    oh, samurai X! i've read it too and i personaly think that it will be awesome if the manga finished after he beaten up shishio.

    @red: hello there, wow that lots of manga there... i've read some you mentioned too,
    Beezebub, very epic. i don't believe i forgot to add it to the list, lol
    The Breaker and The Breaker New Waves, great! what else can i say.
    hajime no Ippo, ofcourse i know!
    bleach, naruto, akumetsu, souleater, noblesse, hitman, hellsing i've read all of them but not my most fave though.

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    Re: What manga(s) are you crazy about?

    Post  -Shiro- on Sat Sep 24, 2011 1:14 pm

    @ Nerokatze,
    I do lol a friend of mine plays shougi but I could never warm up to the game. Go is more fun to me. And don't worry. In go, everybody sucks. Even the dan players do. That's why it's fun... sounds strange but even if you progress, you realize what you are lacking in. There is no way to master the art of Go.

    @Red, lots of manga I know lol
    AKumetsu wasn't bad but just not to my liking. The same problem I had with Death Note.I prefer main characters who don't resort to the "dark" just because they realize how weak they are, not being able to change their future or the world with their own hands. I believe Akumetsu had a good storyline and overall, I enjoyed reading it. But I just couldn't warm up to the main character.
    Beelzebub is really good Smile I also watched the anime and it's pretty good. Didn't expect anything less from Weekly Shounen Jump.
    I read Veritas too. It was one of the few manhwa I read until now. Not bad, good portion of ecchi. The end was a bit rushed, in my opinion.
    Liked your favorites. Good taste^^


    Re: What manga(s) are you crazy about?

    Post  Guest on Tue Oct 04, 2011 3:55 am

    I really like the
    green boy
    hunter x hunter
    holy land
    and a ton of others i can remember right now xD


    Re: What manga(s) are you crazy about?

    Post  Guest on Wed Nov 02, 2011 7:34 pm

    My top five:
    1. Hellsing
    2. Blood Lad
    3. Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler
    4. Amatsuki
    5. Bleach


    Re: What manga(s) are you crazy about?

    Post  Guest on Sun Feb 19, 2012 1:49 am's really hard to pick

    One Piece
    Blood Lad
    Nutarihyon no Mago
    Mirai Nikki(sooo twisted...)
    5-ji kara 9-ji made
    and soooo many otherss...

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    Re: What manga(s) are you crazy about?

    Post  El.lis on Sun Feb 19, 2012 2:29 pm

    I'm currently reading - besides Bleach and Naruto every week - Skip Beat, Yozakura Quartet which btw is awesome, Bartender, another SUUPER manga, slice of life, learnt a lot from it, Angel Heart, the anime was INCREDIBLE and ofc Team Medical Dragon. :X:X:X Oh and I mustn't forget Tenjou Tenge, my number one manga of all times. ^^

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    Re: What manga(s) are you crazy about?

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