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    French translation ?



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    French translation ?

    Post  Kahiego on Wed Oct 02, 2013 4:24 pm

    Hi !

    Let me introduce me ! I'm Kahiego, french, and lector of "Aphorism", translated by Lively.

    I know many peoples who read mangas online, but only french translated (Cause they hate english, or don't understand, or else...). But, maybe with my help, Lively can extend his possibilitys ?

    I'm a french amator writer who know how to use the french language, and I think I can make a quality work with my competences (I hate french translation made in Pika or Kana in France, they are full of changements, like caracter's names...)

    I hope you'll read me, and I'm sorry if my english isn't really accurate : I'm better at understand than at writing.

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