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    The |Demon Queen| Is Not So Weak [Story by Eternal]


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    The |Demon Queen| Is Not So Weak [Story by Eternal]

    Post  Eternal on Thu Oct 11, 2012 7:05 pm

    As long as I'm making updates every now and then I decided to make a pdf version of it(it looks much nicer and there's no, ehem, interruptions) but I'll still post the latest chapter at the end of the thread. Click the pretty purple letters for the latest version.

    [Only admins are allowed to see this link] A story by Eternal.


    I'll be posting this here until Anna makes an appropriate section! (THANK YOU BOSSLADY!)

    Anyway, this was a random story that started three days ago in the aim chat because we were all telling stories and I had to go and get serious...


    and, for some reason, every night I hear cries of

    "Story!" "ETERNAL, KEEP WRITING" and etc.

    I won't say these people's names are Ewa, Kyo, Yuki, Mune and Kiya.

    Nope, I won't mention their names at all.

    That will remain undisclosed information, but keep in mind that Ewa, Kyo, Yuki and Mune are possible suspects. Kiya is a prime offender...

    The story takes place in the fictional land of Nefarium, the world of the demons. It has no set genre or direction at the moment but you can be assured that the story will have major fantasy components and, as requested, romance and anything else that may come. As a special bonus, the story features people from our own scantalating team! (Disclosure: The characters and events presented in this story have no correlation with their corresponding real-life counterparts. Any similarities are completely coincidental and do not necessarily represent their real-life counterparts. tl;dr it's all in good fun. : D)

    If you're on AIM while I happen to be writing you can catch the next installment live, but if not I'll post it here later. Pardon my writing if it's not to your liking!

    Also.. the title is a work in progress as I have no clue what's going to happen with this in the future.

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    Re: The |Demon Queen| Is Not So Weak [Story by Eternal]

    Post  Eternal on Thu Oct 11, 2012 7:05 pm

    It is the year 569X, the season is that of the squall.

    There is a rumor that says that in the season of the squall, by the violet river of Byran, the capital of Nefarium, a flowing black dress can be seen.

    A girl with angelic--no, it is more appropriate to call it devilish--looks walks in it, followed by a devil reknown through the kingdom as the most handsome devil in existence.

    Her name, Ewa, and his, Sebastian.

    The devil queen loves her evening walks by the violet river, and the season of the squall is the perfect season for it.
    This particular evening, a pair of hungry yellow eyes stalked the queen, unbeknownst to her and the devil butler.

    It wouldn't be the first time someone set their eyes on the demon queen. I was, however, the first time something did.
    It followed, silent as the shadow beside the queen, ever so slowly, ever so stealthily.

    "Sebastian," the queen called out sweetly, "you may lay the blanket over here."
    "Yes, my mistress," the devilish butler replied. He was all too eager to server the demon queen.

    It would have been a beautiful scene any other day; a white mantlepiece, surrounded by the blue grass of Nefarium with a view to the most exquisite river in all the land.

    But not today. Today would not be another beautiful day.

    Sebastian set the picnic basket, allowing his lady a seat at the very center.
    Laying each dish side by side, he placed them in front of her, allowing her to pick and choose what she would eat.

    The demon is not a picky eater, by no means, but these evenings by the violet river demanded such finesse to enjoy them.

    "My lady, you have barely touched your food," Sebastian says with the utmost concern.

    The demon queen sets a porcelain cup filled with ambrosia tea down. She admires the golden color and with a smile replies to her beloved butler, "Thank you for your concern Sebastian, but I am not so hungry today."
    "Is something bothering you, my lady?" he asks again. "I will take care of whatever worries you."

    She laughs, merrily, not the sort of laugh you would expect from the queen of all Nefarium, but a gentle one that calms a rabid demon's soul. "You're always so thoughtful," she says. "I'm not so certain you can help me this time though." Although her smile remains, her eyes are downcast.

    "Is it about the wedding?" he asks.

    "Not exactly, but..."

    "But what, my lady?" Sebastian asks as she falls silent.

    "Don't make any sudden movements..." the demon queen says to her butler. "We have a visitor."

    "Another stalker?!" Sebastian eyes glow a burning red as he bares his fangs. Although these are times of peace, there are still those who would go after a defenseless lady. Ewa, being an object of admiration of many, has been victim to such people.

    However, as delicate as Sebastian may look, his fangs are as sharp as the stalkers are dumb. "Reveal yourself!" he yells.

    "This is not an opponent you can handle Sebastian. Its hunger is beyond instinctual. It's a hunger for murder." Ewa stands up, straightening out the flowing dress.
    "But my lady!"
    "No buts!" she commands.

    Sebastian backs down. It is true that the demon queen is young and that demons grow more powerful with age, but it is also true that the demon Ewa is no ordinary devil.

    She is the descendant of Beelze, the first demon king and the founder of Nefarium. No mere devil could outmatch her pure strength.
    "Come out," she says.

    The pair of hungry eyes approaches from the brush. Every step it makes is followed by an unmistakable growl.

    "It can't be!" Sebastian proclaims. "You're supposed to be on the other side, guarding the gates. What are you doing here?"

    "You speak to me in such a familiar manner. Where are your manners?" the demon with the hungry eyes replies.
    "I... I... Step back Lady Ewa, I will hold it off while you run." Sebastian steps up to defend the demon queen, fully intending to die if need be.

    "You have guts, I'll tell you that much," the yellow-eyed demon replies. "But I am not interested in someone of your rank. Step aside before I sink my teeth into your body."
    "I told you to step aside, Sebastian. I will handle the matter," Ewa says calmly.

    "Brave, young queen, but also very stupid," the yellow-eyed demon replies. "You may have the strength, but you have yet to mature enough to handle me."

    "We shall see to that, Kiya," she says without flinching.

    "Oh. This will be interesting," Kiya replies. The demon wolf Kiya, also known as the bane of heroes, was chained against his will to the gates of Nefarium.

    There he guarded the gates for centuries from heroes who would seek to destroy Nefarium. Regardless of their strength, they would all end up between his teeth.

    "Ever since your ancestors captured me and chained me to that desolate place I've bred hatred for you royalty. This is why I will end the line here."

    He bares his pearl fangs and charges at the young queen. In truth, the demon queen would die. Neither she nor Sebastian could hold back the wolf.

    It was only a matter of when.

    Kiya's jaws opened and closed and then she was gone.

    -PART 1 END-

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    Re: The |Demon Queen| Is Not So Weak [Story by Eternal]

    Post  Eternal on Thu Oct 11, 2012 7:06 pm

    "My lady!" Sebastian growls, losing every bit of etiquitte instilled in him. Although his heart is tormented, this is not the time to grieve--no, this was the time to take action. This was the time to rip that wolf to shreds.

    Kiya stares the demonic butler down, confounded, perhaps by the lowly being's defying pose. He is on all fours, nails digging into the ground and the ferral teeth threathening the large wolf.

    "Even if my lady forbade it, I will take you on, guardian of Nefarium. For her honor and her father's before her." Sebastian dissapears into thin air, and for a moment, even Kiya does not know where he is.

    "What a neat little trick," the wolf snickers, "but you must be a fool."

    A fool? How so? His technique is perfect, or so the demonic butler thinks.

    "Although my eyes cannot see you... YOU ARE STILL A THOUSAND YEARS TOO YOUNG TO HIDE FROM ME." The wolf pounces to its right, all the while digging its claws into the ground.

    "How did you...?" Sebastian is at a loss of words. He was saved, only by his overpowering instinct for survival, but as he lies between the wolf's claws, his options run thin. Will he befall the same fate as his lady? "My lady, forgive me..."

    "Forgive you for what, Sebastian?"

    "My lady?!" Sebastian's eyes trail to the sweet voice of the demon queen. She is unharmed, every single hair on her body is still neatly placed.

    Kiya's eyes wander from the imprisoned butler to Ewa. The ancient wolf salivates. His prey is right before him. "So you did not run, demon queen? I was surprised you escaped earlier, but I am even more suprised you were foolish enough to walk back here."

    "Silence, beast." The demon queen commands. "Not another snide remark from your mouth."

    The wolf tosses the butler away. A simple flick of its paw was all it took to banish the butler into the violet river. "You will not be escaping a second time." He's serious. No stroke of luck, no anticipation, no skill could save her now.

    He sprints, the black fur whipped by the wind as he chases after the most exquisite meal of his life. "Now you're mine."

    Kiya stops in his tracks, not because he wants to, but because his body will no longer respond. He has fallen to the ground, powerless but all the more angry.

    "What did you do to me?" he barks.

    "She did nothing, which is why I have ordered you to heel. What did I tell you about attacking strangers?"

    "W-w-what? K-kyo? What are you doing here?" Kiya whimpers.

    "What am I doing here? Isn't that a silly question. A dog who has disobeyed his owner can only be reprimmanded by his owner."

    The person known as Kyo, robbed in the attire of the holy knights of Ekaros makes his way into what was once a humble pinic scene.

    "Have you forgotten our contract, Kyo?" Kiya roared.

    "I have done no such thing," the knight replied.

    "Then allow me to kill this girl and fulfill my hatred's desire."

    "You will not lay a hand on her. Demon queen or not, she is a child."

    "With your words you nullify our contract!" Kiya roars

    "And with my blade I will put you down if need be," Kyo states, unfazed by the giant black wolf.

    The black wolf hesitates. It is not as if a holy knight could overpower the ancient demon, but Kyo was different. Kiya felt it as soon as the knight approached the gates he had been condemed to protect.

    "We shall see each other again very soon, knight," Kiya replies.

    "If you value your freedom, make sure I don't have to go looking for you," Kyo says simply.

    In the strange scene, a demon queen, a black wolf and a holy knight are present. They have all gathered for a singular purpose, not altogether clear, but no less binding.

    The wolf disappears as easily as it had appeared, leaving only a lingering feeling of bloodlust in the air.

    "Now then..."

    "No need to say it, holy knight. Your duty is not only well known, but incredibly clear to me. However, I ask that you take my life in exchange for my people's. It is the only request I will ask of you." The demon queen Ewa falls to her knees. It has long since been known that a holy knight's only purpose is to hunt and kill demons. It is for that purpose that many heroes attempt to travel into Nefarium, the home world for every demon.

    Only a laugh can be heard in reply.

    "Y-you... you'll kill us all, won't you?" she says. The tears that roll down her eyes are not only real, but fill of her undying devotion to her subjects.

    "No such thing," Kyo says after his laughter subdues. "I have come here by request."

    "Who would send a holy knight into Nefarium if not to destroy its populace?"

    Kyo brushes dirt off the holy cross imprinted on his torso as he speaks, "Well he never really did tell me to hide his name."

    "Who is it?" she says again. "Please tell me."

    “Hiro of the Velia Kingdom. Your groom has summoned you.”

    -PART 2 END-

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    Re: The |Demon Queen| Is Not So Weak [Story by Eternal]

    Post  Eternal on Thu Oct 11, 2012 7:07 pm

    “You have to be joking my lady! I cannot leave you in the hands of this brute. Who will provide for you and take care of your very delicate needs?”

    “Sebastian, if you would please, detach yourself from my hand. I have decided and my decision is final. I will travel with the holy knight to the human world.” Ewa pulls her hand from Sebastian’s grip and sighs a disbelieving sigh.

    “But who will protect you if you’re attacked by ruffians! Or even worse, that black Okami!”

    “I am very grateful for your services, Sebastian, but as has just been proven, Kyo is a much better warrior than both of us. He will be sufficient.”

    Sebastian growls at the holy knight who is entirely disinterested in the situation. In fact, he takes a seat by the violet river and dips his hands in, retracting it as soon as his skin makes contact. “What is up with this water?” he yells back.

    “I would imagine its dark properties contrast with your own holy ones. Either way, demon water is in no way healthy for humans,” Ewa replies with another sigh. “I’m beginning to regret my decision.”

    “That’s fine with me,” Kyo replies, waving his hand back and laying in the grass.

    “Really?!” Sebastian says surprised.

    “Of course not—urgh, I can’t even joke once in a while,” Ewa fumes. “Sebastian, return to the castle as I instructed before. Let no one know where I’m headed. If anyone questions my absence, tell them I’ve fallen into a deep sleep or something after I ingested a sominius mushroom.”


    “You will disobey your queen?” she asks.

    “No… No my lady.”

    “Good. I expect you will manage my affairs in my absence. Stick to the current policies.”

    “Yes, my lady…”

    “Well then, shall we part, holy knight of Ekaros?” the queen asks in her most refined voice.

    “I don’t see why not,” Kyo replies, stretching his hands towards the sky.

    Sebastian bounds towards the resting knight in an instant, claws out, grasping at his neck. Kyo’s barely blinks. “You. If any harm befalls lady Ewa, you will suffer the worst Nefarium has to offer. I will personally see to it.”

    Kyo yawns, completely unfazed by the situation and simply asks the demonic butler to get off of him. “You’re blocking the sun… or one of them anyway,” he says.

    “It would be prudent to listen to him, Sebastian,” the demon queen says calmly. “As he speaks, you’ve been placed within a holy barrier. Any demonic energy you exert will be forcefully returned into your body, exploding from within, ultimately leaving you in pieces.”

    “W-what…?” Sebastian says, completely confused. Several holy symbols float within the airspace around them, all without Sebastian’s notice.

    “Would you remove the barrier, Sir Kyo? I would sorely hate to lose my favorite butler.”

    “As you wish,” Kyo replies and after lightly patting the ground the holy symbols in the air return to his body. He slides out from under the demon and fixes his clothes. Sebastian does not move.

    “The twin suns of Nefarium are lively today,” Kyo says to the demonic butler.

    “Y-yes,” Sebastian replies.

    The blue grass sways under their feet, urging them to act, but the holy knight seems to obey no one but himself. After a while of the strange silence, he heads in the direction of the petite demon queen, stopping promptly at her side. “We’ll be traveling at my pace so keep up.”

    “Yes sir,” the demon queen replies. “I’m not as delicate as I look.” The demon queen, elegant yet strong, is not the queen of Byran for her looks. The untamable blood of the demon kings of the past run through her very veins and with it their unparalleled power.

    “We’ll see,” the holy knight says.

    Ewa waves her butler good bye in the strangest scene yet to befall the season of the squall; one holy knight and one demon queen, walking down the same winded path and no sword between them.

    -PART 3 END-


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    Re: The |Demon Queen| Is Not So Weak [Story by Eternal]

    Post  Black_Rabbit on Thu Oct 11, 2012 7:21 pm

    This story is getting better and better! Keep it up

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    Re: The |Demon Queen| Is Not So Weak [Story by Eternal]

    Post  Kuruka on Fri Oct 12, 2012 12:15 am

    You really put it up xD
    -goes to read pt 3-

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    Re: The |Demon Queen| Is Not So Weak [Story by Eternal]

    Post  xYuuki on Fri Oct 12, 2012 12:56 am

    へえええ, This is just awesome! I can't wait until the next one~!

    Come on~~~
    damn you

    Sorry for unnecessary pressure ><

    Bad Day

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    Re: The |Demon Queen| Is Not So Weak [Story by Eternal]

    Post  Eternal on Fri Oct 12, 2012 9:06 pm

    Chapter 2 - The Demon Queen and Her Pet

    "So what exactly is your plan?" the demon queen muses out loud. After they depart from the vicinity of the violet river, Kyo and Ewa set out towards the massive Hell gates that tower over everything in the distance, regardless of where in Nefarium you looked at them.

    "Plan? I suppose we just walk, eliminate obstacles and eat when hungry," Kyo says absent-mindedly. "Or would hunger be considered an obstacle?"

    Ewa shakes her head, slightly disappointed in the answer. As a queen, her modus operandi involves strict planning and execution, something the holy knight seemed to lack. She wonders how he arrived at her location by himself. "I've been wondering, how exactly did you find me?" she asks. "Pardon my words, but your strength seems to lie solely in your combat ability."

    Kyo is not bothered by her implication. "Demons are my job. I'm required to know them well, including how to track them."

    Ewa shivers. "That's a little scary to know."

    "To be honest, you weren't concealing your presence too well. As soon as I passed through the gates, I pinpointed your location."

    To be honest, no one is even supposed to be able go get through the gates, Ewa thinks to herself. No one was supposed to be able to get by Kiya either. The immortal black wolf saw the end of many heroes seeking to destroy the demon world. Humans knew to fear it. Demons knew to respect it. Nothing went by it, but the holy knight was unharmed from head to toe, going as far as to scare the beast away when confronted by it.

    "This should be far enough," Kyo says, disrupting the queen's thoughts. To avoid walking out in the open and being recognized by the local demons, they had walked through the Darkwood forest that grew by the violet river to leave the capital. The leaves of the trees were a strong black during the day and because they fed off of the violet water, they glowed an eerie purple at night. It was not a particularly dangerous section of land, but many lesser demons enjoy playing tricks on passersby, respecting no rank of demon.

    "Far enough for what?" Ewa asks, a little nervously.

    "Far enough to avoid curious eyes. I need to conceal your presence. Common demons are easy enough to fool, but it's a long trip from here on. I'd like to attract as less attention as possible."

    "While I agree with your deduction, I find it hard to believe you did not attract enough attention on your own," the demon queen replies. Certainly the demon queen would be a rare, even a once-in-a-lifetime sight, but a holy knight within Nefarium? That was unprecedented.

    "I know my way around," the knight replies. "Now if that was enough explanation, I need you to get closer to scan your demonic aura's signature."

    "I thought you already had it?" she says. "Didn't you pinpoint my location?"

    "In a sense, but for this to work I need a very fresh copy. Unless, of course, you can rerout your energy on your own?"

    She shakes her head. Although the queen is a natural prodigy, her abilities have yet to fully mature and delicate procedures such as rerouting are not yet within her grasp.

    "That's settle then. Now, if I may." Kyo holds the queen by her chin, staring deep into her hazel eyes. She shudders as his blank out and shine an intense white. As soon as he lets go, she backs up, frightened by the holy energy emanating from his body. His simple presence burned.

    Gradually the energy neutralized, until it became water, the element closest to holy. The water drips from his body and seeps into the dark ground, eaten up by the blue grass. Not a single drop remained on his body. His elemental control was unnatural. "Let's hope that lasts a while."

    The trees around them begin tremble, as if the ground is shaking, but the only things that move are the trees. They creak and bend, even twisting, some producing animalistic sounds.

    Ewa approaches the trees, amused by their movements. It would have been a scary sight for any normal girl, but demons enjoyed this sort of grotesque thing every once in a while. "You fed them water?" she asks.

    "I fed them your signature in a water element. It's not as effective as a direct transmutation, but this is about all I can do."

    "For a human, you're quite skilled with the arts."

    "Demonology is my strong point. You'd do well to remember it." He fumbles with his pocket for a minute before retrieving a necklace. A triangular gem within a silver circle adorns it. He hands it to the demon queen without explaining and commands her to follow. "Eventually we'll need to get rid of your clothing as well."

    "W-what?" she yells. "I would never...!"

    "Calm down. I'll provide you with less conspicuous clothing. After all, you're under my care until we reach Velias."

    She breathes a sigh of relief after having lived the scare of her life.

    "Besides, I'm not interested in your petite body."

    -PART 1 END-

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    Re: The |Demon Queen| Is Not So Weak [Story by Eternal]

    Post  Eternal on Sat Oct 13, 2012 8:34 pm

    The Darkwood ends abruptly. To the demon tourist, absorbed in the mystic properties of the blackened leaves, the forest even seems too small, but to the travelers who've already been through it once or twice, the allure is gone. Ewa bids farewell to Byran, strangely comfortable with the goodbye. Even if the request had been spontaneous, she agreed to the knight's request just as quickly. There was no remorse, no longing for her home nor care for the position she held.

    The fact is, regardless of who she is in the demon world, Ewa is not irrevocably attached to her throne. The truth is she prefers a stroll along the violet river to the lavish balls held in her honor. Walking outside the castle walls, chatting with Sebastian about common matters, that's what she enjoys the most. She knows it is proper and her destiny to rule over Nefarium, but in her core she has never felt the outstanding need to. The demon queen is in no way selfish and that's why she has never and would never abandon her duty, but the chance presented by the knight was too tempting to refuse. "It doesn't stray from my original purpose, right?"

    "You seem pensive, demon queen," says Kyo.

    "Really? I've just been wondering... what is the human world like?"

    "Like the demon world, I suppose, but much plainer."

    "Do humans really summon demons into traps and force them to do their work?"

    Kyo looks at her disconcertingly. "You don't know much of human world, do you?"

    It was true. All she knew had been learned from children stories or legends, much like human children learn of demons. "I've heard tales."

    "Tall tales no doubt. You know demons are the ones known for evil in the human world, right? It's the reason you have that gate with that ridiculous guardian set up in the first place; to stop human heroes."

    "A lot of good that did," Ewa says, eying the holy knight.

    "There are exceptions. Besides, how do you think your marriage was arranged in the first place? Someone had to cross from one side to the other."

    Marrying the prince of Velias was not her explicit decision. It was decided after the idea was suggested in a magistrate meeting. Her father thought the idea splendid and somehow, an agreement had been reached with the king of Velias. She was too young to remember the details of how it happened then, but for as long she knew, she had been betrothed. However, she has never even met the prince or even know what he looks like so this was the perfect opportunity to meet him.

    "You're not regretting the decision to come now, are you?" says Kyo. "If you are, I'd suggest you run back into the forest and never look back because I will not be returning you. From this point onward I only move forward. With, or without you."

    Regret? No, the demon queen does not regret. She's ecstatic.

    "Somehow you're making a really strange face right now," Kyo states.

    "R-really? Never mind that! The demon queen stands by her decisions, through and through. You'd do well to remember that," she replies haughtily.

    "Sure, I'll take note."


    "Another question..?"

    "Silence! I'm at a tender and curious age. You should be grateful I'm even listening to what you say."

    "Please, just continue," Kyo says yawning.

    "The Prince.. what's he like?" Ewa has been wondering for a while, but until the excitement had died down, she had not thought to ask the knight.

    "Eh..? How would I know? I'm not even from Velias. I was just requested for the job and here I am."

    Well that was blunt... "Do you know what he wants me for?"

    "I'm sort of hungry, aren't you?" Kyo says suddenly. "Come to think of it... I haven't eaten anything in a while. A couple of days I think..." His stomach roars from within his abdomen. It is a truly horrifying sound. "Those berries look really tempting..."

    How dense is this knight?! Ewa wonders to herself. There's just no way he got here on his own! "Well, you can't eat anything from around here. It's all raised with the violet water."

    "You actually grow food with that?" Kyo asks amazed. It would be hard for a human to understand. The violet water was a demon delicacy and wherever a spring or river flowed, a settlement was not too far. Vegetables, fruit even livestock that consumed the water had an exceptional taste to it. For some reason though, it's incredibly poisonous to humans, as Ewa had once read.

    "Not everything. Most lesser and common demons can't afford to buy it, even for rare occasions. Eventually we'll find something you can eat. For now..." she says as she picks a handful of the berries Kyo had seen earlier. The berries were multicolored, ranging from red to blue to green to even yellow. She pops some into her mouth and makes an incredibly pleased face. "Oniberries are always exquisite, regardless of their color."

    "I see, so you're actually that type of person," Kyo says under his breath.

    Ewa shrugs the comment off and with a smile worthy of the queen of devils says, "I hardly know what you mean."

    -PART 2 END-

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    Re: The |Demon Queen| Is Not So Weak [Story by Eternal]

    Post  Eternal on Mon Oct 15, 2012 2:48 am

    "Finally," Ewa hears the knight say in a low breath. A demon village is in their sights after a day of wandering. The gates to Nefarium still looms in the horizon, no less impending, but the structure is the least of the holy knights worries. Going without food for as long as he has is not something he had trained his body to. He looks forward to eating at the village, even if it was demon food.

    "You know, you don't look as cool as you did back in the clearing. Were you, perhaps, putting on an act?" Ewa asks.

    The holy knight does not reply immediately. He is, in fact, below such childish quarrels, but the hunger has affected his mental faculties to a breaking point. "I'm just hungry," he manages to say.

    "Oh? Is that so? Do you want an Oniberry? Oh wait, I forgot, you can't eat any."

    The knight holds back his comment. He would not stoop to her level, even if she was annoying. "You're not so cool yourself. What happened to your air of nobility?"

    Ewa looks away.

    "Embarrassed?" Kyo asks with a hint of interest.

    "No," she replies. "Something smells good and it's coming from this direction."

    She ignored me..?! The holy knight thinks to reply, but the smell that reached the demon queen has only just begun to reach him. "That does smell good," he finally says.

    "Hey, wait! Where do you think you're going?" Ewa asks shocked.

    "Isn't that obvious? There's food this way," the Knight says as if it was the most logical course of action. The village was actually further ahead, but the smell of food had reached them from a hut-like house ostracized from the village.

    "What's with your carefree attitude? You can't just lounge into someone's property like that! Demons have etiquette and honor!"

    The knight waves the demon queen off. "It's fine, isn't it? There's no one around. I'll just take some of whatever it is and leave."

    "You will not!" says Ewa. There is a genuine tone of threat in her voice, like that of a lioness warding off hyenas from her cub. She has yet to understand the source or reason, but even if she does not know it or want it, the demon queen will always be a queen. Her sense of justice is, therefore, innate.

    As Kyo turns to her slowly, he towers over her. There is no emotion on his face, only the calm gaze of death. "I've let you take cracks at me so far because you are a child and they were simply verbal threats, but if you attempt to take my will once more, I will not hesitate to exorcise you and bring your purified corpse to the human world."

    Ewa falls on her bottom, breathing heavily. She can feel the pressure emanating from the knight. It's the same as when Sebastian had presumptuously attacked him, a calm fury that would destroy whatever came too close. But what could the knight have meant? She had only warned him, nothing more. "Ah K-kyo! I thought you said there was no one here!"

    Kyo looks back. There was no one there when he checked. There was no one when he looked back either. "Are you trying to distract me?"

    "No! Honest!" Ewa replies. "Look right there!" She points behind him again, but rather than up, her finger aims down, right around the holy knights feet. A small blue demon, barely at the height of Kyo's knees stands with a spear in an offensive stance. The demon is missing an arm ans its tail is deformed. It's what one would call ugly, even by demon standards.

    "What do you want from me?" it squeals. "I haven't gone anywhere near the village. I just want to live in peace!"

    "No.. you're mistaken," Ewa says calmly, dusting her dress off. "We have not come to harm you."

    "Then what is this strange creature doing here? It looks like it's going to eat me!" it yells. "I've already told all of you that I am not a thief!"

    Kyo points at himself innocently when the blue demon accuses him of being there to eat it. The calm fury from earlier was dissipated immediately by the accusation. "Strange creature...? You're one to talk."

    "At least I have a tail! You have neither horn nor tail! Disgusting animal!"

    In a sense, what the blue demon has proclaimed is true. Every demon, regardless of class, rank, species or gender has two things in common: a tail-like appendage and any number of horns. The tail and horns grow with age, often taking a similar form to that of the parent with the strongest demonic aura. Ewa herself is the proud honor of a pair of red-black ram horns, a symbol of the Raizen royals, even if they were still developing. There are some young demons that, due to genetic misfortune, disorder or disease, develop them at a much later age, but there has never been a case where an adult demon is missing both. To a demon, Kyo would certainly appear to be unappealing even less than a lesser demon.

    Slowly, the knight reaches to his pocket. No one but Kyo knows what items are kept within, but whatever a holy knight keeps within his pocket cannot be good for a demon.

    "Kyo! Don't!" Ewa whispers forcefully.

    Kyo freezes and his hand stops at the opening of his pocket. Tcht. Was that all it would take to stop the holy knight from executing his sacred duty?

    "No wonder I couldn't sense you before. Do you even have demonic energy? You're not worth my time," Kyo says coldly. Forgetting the reason he even approached the hut, he departed in the direction of the village.

    The blue demon raises its spear triumphantly, although it has no clue how close its life was to being forfeit. "Serves him right!" it says.

    Ewa steps up to the blue demon, towering over it as Kyo towers over her. "Look at me, lesser demon." The demon drops its spear and gazes into the demon queen's eyes. It is not a voluntary action. It is simply forced to look because it is a lower existence, weaker and she its queen. "You will refrain from insulting Kyo in my presence again. Do you understand?" The blue demon nods. It understands the higher existence's words and cannot go against them. "I'm glad we understand each other."

    The demon queen departs from the blue demon's side, following after the holy knight. She is worried, not because she is the protected, but because, for the sake of the village, she had to become a protector.

    "Kyo!" she calls. The knight is nowhere to be seen. Did he already reach the village? "Kyo!"


    Ewa stops in her tracks, her foot hits an ill-placed ditch and down her face goes. As she closes her eyes and waits for the impact she yells, "You idiooot!" but nothing happens. The queen is safe, from harm and dirt.

    "There are better ways to thank someone, you know?" Kyo says with a sigh.

    "You scared me!"

    "I was just replying, you were calling for me weren't you?"

    "But you came out of nowhere!"

    "Wrong. I was clearly behind the wall."

    "Like I said, out of nowhere!"

    Kyo shakes his head and after correcting the demon queen's position he continues to march forward. The village is quiet, as if empty, but the knight knows better. Behind each and every door there is a family of demons. "Ranging from common to grand. One-hundred and seventy three in total... Holy mist should work..."

    "Wait! Just what are you planning on doing?" Ewa demands. She did not like the sound of the holy mist.

    "My duty."

    "You will not! Your duty is to escort me to Velias isn't it?"

    "And destroy any obstacle in my path. This village is suspicious."

    "No!" Ewa yells. The threat is verbal again, but yet it feels real. The queen herself is unaware of the fact that even her words hold a certain power...

    Kyo reaches into his pocket again, ignoring her frightened face. "I warned you about the controlling thing."

    "Step back!" a squeaky voice yells. "Do not harm her you... you.. you thing!" The blue demon stands between Ewa and Kyo, the shabby wooden spear is equipped yet again and its target is none other than the holy knight.

    "Away, pest. I've half a mind to destroy you where you stand," Kyo says in an authoritative voice.

    Ewa, confused, does not know what to do. She did not call the blue demon or ask it to follow her and the truth was that it was only aggravating the situation. There are no words that could save it now. Before Kyo acts though, doors all around them open simultaneously, like they were all programmed to open at that time.

    From within the doors, demons poor out in large quantities. The ground rumbles as they noisily gather around the spectacle, without warning or caution. Kyo's hand is within his pocket fondling the items within. Would they attack...? There really is no reason to but...

    "My money's on the stray!"

    "No way, look at the rich lady's!"

    "The stray is armed though! And that big one doesn't even have a tail!"

    Yells erupt from the crowd but none of their shouts make sense to Ewa. "Wh-what's going on?" she asks to no one in particular.

    An old demon, hunched over, with three yellow horns on his forehead walks up to Ewa. He taps her shoulder and says, "Step back, miss. These animals resolve their issues with violence. It'd be best to let them fight amongst themselves and control the one that's left standing."

    "B-b-but!" she mutters.

    "Are you worried about your pet?" the old demon asks with a raised eyebrow. "Not to worry. I know the stray. Even with the spear it can hardly put up a fight."

    "That's good..." Ewa says relieved. "Wait! What do you mean my pet?!"

    "That strange animal in the white clothing. Is it not yours?"

    -PART 3 END-

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    Re: The |Demon Queen| Is Not So Weak [Story by Eternal]

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    "This is all just a terrible misunderstanding," the demon queen says, taking a stand. As the crowd of demons urges the two "animals" to clobber each other with fist and spear, the demon queen is slowly dragged out of the circle. Things quickly begin to spiral out of everyone's control.

    What exactly is going on? Where did all these demons come from? Ewa is unsure of how to proceed and, if things kept going on how they were, how to stop a mass exorcism. "May I have your attention!" Ewa shouts, but the yell is in vain. "Please, may I have your attention!"

    Her voice is drowned by the shouts of blood thirsty demons, and if there's ever something to be called boisterous, it's a blood-thirsty demon. But surely Kyo... But surely the holy knight Kyo was not one to be influenced by a crowd of demons... that was what the demon queen thought. What she saw, however, was of a completely different nature.

    Holy symbols pour out from under his clothing like blood leaking from a fresh cut. As they fall they move out into the air, positioning themselves in no particular arrangement all around him until they reach out beyond the blue demon and even into the crowd. Forget exorcism, this is going to be a massacre!

    For a brief, almost insignificant moment their eyes meet. Don't! she begs, but his face replies, It's too late.

    The blue demon charges at Kyo, its only arm thrusting the spear with surprising accuracy. It almost catches Kyo off-guard. What's wrong? The look flashes over Kyo's face. As soon as the demon attacked there should have been an explosion, a very bloody one, but the blue demon is intact.

    The blue demon thrusts again, but the knight would not fall within the demon's range again. He clasps the spear and, with ease, snaps it. The blue demon drops to its knees, not because Kyo has struck him, nor has he given up but because something is seriously wrong. It coughs up blood, disgusting green blood.

    "Oh, so that's it..." Kyo says, crouching next to the demon. He prods it with his finger and the blue demon keels over. More green blood is spewed.

    "I think we're done here." The statement comes from the old demon with the three yellow horns on his forehead. There is an overpowering presence coming from him, like of a demon well into its couple of centuries. Although the crowd does not stop for Ewa, it does for this demon, and he approaches center stage without a complaint. "Someone treat the wounded one and take it out of the village."

    "You're the grand demon, aren't you?" Kyo asks, slightly interested in the old demon.

    "Oh-ho. You're quite the intelligent beast," the demon replies.

    The holy symbols floating in the air begin to rattle, losing form with every shake. Kyo's facial expression does not change, but it is clear that he is not pleased with the comment. Ewa can already sense this. "K-Kyo!" she says after finally coming into the circle. "I'm glad you didn't kill it."

    Kyo raises an eyebrow inquisitively as if to say that it wasn't mercy, I was simply distracted by a much larger target.

    "Your worries are misplaced, my lady. This village does not allow deaths in familiar battles. I would have personally stepped in if such a problem had arisen."

    "He's quite the interesting creature," Kyo whispers to Ewa. "I've half a mind to kill him and the other to exorcise him."

    Ewa's eyes widen at the claim.

    The old demon coughs, catching the two's as well as every other demon in the area's attention. "Alright everyone, back to your chores. The matter is resolved. There is no threat."

    "Threat?" Ewa wonders out loud.

    "Yes well... pardon our sudden disappearance and reappearance but our village is quite peaceful. When I sensed the presence of something on par with a noble demon I had the village hide and observe."

    "Noble demon..?!" Ewa says incredulously while tossing a look at Kyo. He just shrugs and pats his chest, indicating that she should check her own. A quick feel revealed that she still had the necklace he had given her. Had that been the cause? She knew she was still growing, but a demon's strength is in its blood. Whether royal, noble, martial or even lesser was something that was decided before birth and Ewa was top tier. The only reason her presence should have diminished was through purposeful suppression, something she had yet to master.

    "Quite," the old demon replies, "but when the two familiars squared off it was difficult to stay back. We enjoy a good brawl."

    So much for the peaceful village.

    Kyo whispers to Ewa once more, this time a little less subtly. "Did he just call me a familiar, again? Now I have a full mind to kill him."

    The old demon coughs again. "I understand you city demons are quite liberal now but around here we like to keep our familiars in check. No telling what they'll do if they get too friendly. Do you have a bond or collar for it?"

    "I-uh..." Ewa stutters.

    "No need to be afraid you'll hurt it. Our magicsmith has a nice selection to choose from," the old demon says.

    The demon queen looks nervously from the holy knight to the grand demon before her. It's not him I'm worried about...

    -PART 4 END-

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    Re: The |Demon Queen| Is Not So Weak [Story by Eternal]

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    Come on come on come on come on~~ >< I'm excited~

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    Re: The |Demon Queen| Is Not So Weak [Story by Eternal]

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    A magicsmith's shed is full of an assortment of tools a human would consider exotic. The <<mechanetta rabbit>>, for example, is a mechanical rabbit, enchanted to act and behave like a real rabbit. When it comes into contact with demonic aura it reforms into a nettle ball(a very nasty species of plant with poisonous quills) that explodes, sending its needles every which way. Its main use is for hunting the dangerous creatures of the underworld that have a taste for rabbit, but every once in a while they fall into the hands of a prankster with bad taste.

    Although Kyo and Ewa are not inside the magicsmith's shed for the zoomorphic tools, their reason for being there closely assimilates to them. They peruse over the <<bonds>> and <<collars>> kept neatly on a shelf in the midsection on the right side of the store. Of course, the term "peruse" is used lightly in this case as the only perusing is actually done by the grand demon who brought them there.

    What Ewa is doing can be more closely defined as "calming the raging holy knight" and Kyo's actions waver between exorcism and purification. The grand demon quickly chooses a shiny red <<collar> from the shelf and dangles it in front of the demon queen for her to see. The item is appealing in a strange sort of way, almost alluring. It gives one the sense that it should be worn, immediately, and praised.

    That feeling, of course, is one of the enchantments placed on the <<collar>> by the magicsmith. It’s what a tamer would call a training <<collar>>. The creature that is to become a familiar is trap by the items allure and once it has managed to get it on, the rest of the <<collar>>’s enchantments come into play. Because it’s used for breaking-in a familiar, its effects are strong and if misused may kill the familiar. The process for training a familiar is a complicated art, crafted and mastered by the demons in the trade.

    “If you’re even considering putting that on me, I will set this village ablaze with the embers of this demon’s soul,” Kyo says to Ewa.

    Understanding the severity of his words, she shakes her head and tells the grand demon to put it away. “I’m really not interested in a collar, elder. Kyo is not a pet.”

    “I understand,” the grand demon says and puts the item away, pushing the other collar he had selected onto the shelf as well. “You are quite close with him then? If that is so, we can try a <<bond>> my lady.”

    Before Kyo makes a move, she interrupts the grand demon. “No, it’s really fine. I need not <<bond>> nor <<collar>>. Kyo is a travel companion.”

    “As many familiars are for their masters, my lady. I am simply making sure yours is protected on your travels. The lack of demonic energy I feel from it could very well put it in danger out in the wild and if you find yourself in a situation where you cannot protect it, it may be killed. The world out there is not as simple as it is in the great cities.”

    Now I know what I’m going to do. I’m going to strangle him with that very same <<collar>> he’s so keen on,” mumbles Kyo.

    “Excuse us a second,” Ewa politely says to the grand demon. He nods and moves away into another section of the store to give the pair some space. As soon as he’s out of earshot Ewa speaks to Kyo. “Why don’t we try a <<bond>>? It would save us a lot of trouble in the future.”

    “Trouble? What trouble?” Kyo asks.

    “Like the one we’re in now, and we can avoid brawls like the one you had outside,” she replies.

    “You call that trouble? None of this is trouble. It’s a small bump that I can smooth out if you would stop it with the whining.”

    “Your version of smoothing out involves mass murder. If you’ve somehow forgotten, I am the queen of these demons. I will not stand by and watch an outsider massacre them. Besides, you said all you needed was to take me to the human world.”

    “I also said I would eliminate any obstacle in the way,” he states coldly.

    “Let’s try the peaceful method before you provoke a manhunt. The last thing we need is to draw attention from bounty hunters. The faster we’re out of here the better, no?”

    Kyo takes a deep breath, exhaling every cell of annoyance within him. “This is why I dislike royalty. You and your damn sense.”

    Was that a yes? Ewa wonders to herself.

    “But I will say this once, and only once. I am not wearing anything ridiculous and I will not be placing it around my neck either.”

    It was a yes! The demon queen celebrates here passive victory in her mind. “Don’t worry about wearing anything. <<Collars>> are mainly for aggressive familiars. They’re more potent and controlling which is why the manifestation is physical. A <<bond>> is a magical connection between master and familiar. There’s no need to force anything onto the familiar.”

    “Interesting...” Kyo mumbles. “That’s something I’ll have to report back to Ekaros... You know quite a bit about this master-familiar thing though.”

    “I’ve only heard it in passing. I’ve never had need for a proper familiar, but I’ve dealt with the legal side of it. Regulations and such.”

    Kyo’s facial expression becomes an inquisitive one and then forms an apprehensive smile. “I’ll take your word for it. Which of these are the <<bonds>>?” Kyo says as he looks at the shelf the grand demon was looking through before. There are more <<collars>> placed along the shelf of different sizes with different accessories, all dependent on their use.

    “This is a <<bond>>,” Ewa says, picking up a stone in a long trapezoid shape. There are markings engraved on the stone filled in with red ink to highlight the shapes. To describe it simply, there is a single circle surrounded by six smaller ones so that the left half is a mirage image of the right.

    Kyo takes the small stone and carefully examines it, turning it in his fingers, feeling out its properties. “It’s definitely demonic, but not really malign. It seems there’s a signature capturing spell on it too.”

    “Of course it’s not. It’s as simple as a bond can get. Just think of it as identification.” With that said, Ewa calls the grand demon over.

    After hearing her call, he puts a disk he was tampering with down and walks over to them with a solemn look on his face. “Have you decided then, my lady?”

    “Yes,” Ewa says softly. “I would like to purchase this <<bond>> and that will be all.”

    The grand demon looks at her strangely, as if her choice was unexpected, and takes the bond uneasily. “Are you sure this will be enough?”

    “Quite,” she replies.

    He does not question her and instead nods. “Hmm... I will be back then. The magicsmith must remove the perimeter spell before you can take it with you. Wouldn’t want it exploding once you’re out of the village.”

    -PART 5 END-

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    Re: The |Demon Queen| Is Not So Weak [Story by Eternal]

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    I'm back Godparent! I missed you and your amazing story ^~^
    But really, it's getting more and more interesting with each installment!


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    Re: The |Demon Queen| Is Not So Weak [Story by Eternal]

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    Eternal... It's been more then 1 Month... you better update soon, or be carful when you log into Aim, you're gonna get spammed, that's for sure Very Happy
    Well, just update soon x-x"

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    Re: The |Demon Queen| Is Not So Weak [Story by Eternal]

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    By the time the grand demon returns with the <<bond>>, Kyo has begun to have second thoughts about the process. After all, however unorthodox he may present himself, he is still a holy knight of Ekaros and being bound to a demon, the queen no less, began to set off a natural instinct that simply told him no. It was not a matter of superiority, of being reduced to the lowest of the low in the demon world, he was simply not comfortable turning himself in to the demonic influence.

    "Are you ready" Ewa asks the holy knight.

    "There will never be a moment when I will be ready for this, so we might as well get it over with," he replied.

    She held out the <<bond>> tentatively. Her hand trembled ever so slightly, shaking the magic tool. Kyo touched the other end of it and for the first time in Ewa's existence, she felt an unmatchable fear. The fear was not part of the process, of course. The fear came from the direct eye contact required by the <<bond>> ritual. She was simply not prepared for the brute intensity of the holy knight's stare.

    Unsigned demonic aura began to spill from the circles on the bond like an oozing sore. The longer they each held on, the more intense the dripping became. Before the blotches fall on the floor, they come to life, forming a single massive dark ball of demonic aura.

    With their eyes still locked, Ewa begins the verbal part of the ceremony. "Do you accept this bond, a contract between your existence and mine, that you may me serve as my familiar and I as your master?"

    Even though she is scared on the inside, her voice is authoritative, full of dominance and superiority. It is essential that her words and her will do not falter, else she suffer the repercussions of a failed bonding ceremony, the best cases ending in a role reversal.

    Having been briefed about the procedure beforehand, Kyo maintains his demeanor below aggressive to ensure the ritual proceeds as planned. “My will, your will.” He breathes.

    The dark blob envelopes both hands. It is both symbolic of union and, in a sense, equal responsibility. The familiar must serve the master and the master must serve the familiar. The darkness seeps into Ewa’s body with undeniable ease. It is a different matter for the holy knight. Although Kyo is not actively rejecting the bond, the holy properties within him block the darkness like antibodies to a disease.

    Close to forty minutes go by and Ewa and Kyo have not broken eye contact. The process is agonizing and slow, but the darkness finally manages to find its way into the holy knight.

    “The bonding is complete,” says the grand demon. A grin any devil would be proud of plays across his wrinkly face.

    “How do you feel?” asks Ewa. The <<bond>> remains in her hand as the final part of the ritual.

    “To be honest, I don’t feel much different,” Kyo replies while he examines his hand. A symbol of darkness has appeared on the back of his right hand. It is a unique symbol. The crown of King Beelze with two ram horns spiraling outwards, the emblem of the Raizen Royals. “Was that really all there was to it?”

    “Yes,” the grand demon says, interrupting Ewa before her words are said. “I can sense your master’s energy from you now and it is quite astounding. You may even be able to fool lesser demons into believing you’re a demon yourself.”

    Perceiving the possible altercation, Ewa gently drags Kyo away, all the while his eyes burning into the grand demon’s. “We’ll be leaving then,” she calls out.

    “Don’t worry about the payment,” the grand demon replies. “Think of it as a reward for the little show your familiar put on for the town.”

    Pulling a little more strongly now, Ewa rushes out of the establishment with Kyo in tow. “Let’s go Kyo.”

    “...Alright.” The holy knight’s fury lessens to a manageable irritation in an instant. As their feet touch the earth of the street, even the irritation becomes grounded.

    “Shall we proceed?” Ewa asks in the gentlest manner possible.

    Kyo does not reply verbally and instead gives her a light nod. An audible grumble from his stomach adds to his reply.

    The demon queen smiles-grins almost-and without agitating Kyo states, “Food before we leave?”

    Giving in to the temptation, Kyo resigns himself with a sigh. “As long as it’s not poisoned.”

    -PART 6 END-

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    Re: The |Demon Queen| Is Not So Weak [Story by Eternal]

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    Gimmie pt 7 cause today's my birthday >D

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    Re: The |Demon Queen| Is Not So Weak [Story by Eternal]

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    Chapter 3
    A Song that Bleeds

    Past a blood cherry orchard, very near a small ashen blue lake, in the valley of the noir rocks, lies a village known for its minstrels, bards and dancers. Every demon that's ever heard a lyric from a bard, listened to a story from a minstrel or marveled at the performance of a dancer from Jenueva understands that, at their very core, they're beings searching for a place in the world. They've been known to cure the sick with their voices and remove curses with their flamboyant steps.

    Some say that the Jenuevans receive their mysterious grace from the dark rocks scattered throughout the valley, known to occasionally release random spurts of demonic energy. But a Jenuevan would argue otherwise. Although quite famous, it is an isolated village, tranquil and unnaturally peaceful. It is that serenity that gives birth to their talent.

    Currently—as one without aim—a demon queen and a holy knight make their way into the cut-off valley at the suggestion of a traveler met on the road, a topic of much debate between them.

    “I still say this is unwise.”

    “Kyo, you say much about nothing,” the demon queen replies, her voice saturated by an obvious annoyance.

    “We take advice from a stranger—a demon stranger at that—and we follow it to the letter. Nothing? Perhaps to you, but I am not so trusting.”

    Ewa opens her mouth to reply, but her repertoire of retorts has run dry and, in the true fashion of a mature adult, remains silent. It is true that they walk into the valley of the noir rocks on the advice of a stranger but surely Kyo's preconception stems from his prejudice for demons rather than actual concern. Ewa's thoughts wander; well for him, demons are genuinely a matter of concern.

    Kyo disregards her choice of silence and continues voicing his thoughts. “Regardless, it was my belief I was leading you and not the other way around.”

    “Yes, well, look how well that turned out. I really don't know how you made it this far into the demon world without the whole of Nefarium knowing, but whatever led you in is obviously gone now. We do this my way or I'm returning home.”

    Kyo carefully chooses his next words, playing with them on his lips but ultimately blowing them into the wind with a sigh. In some far hidden place within his mind, he doesn't think this route is a completely bad idea. It's hidden—mostly—and although this path is not a direct walk to the great gates, it is neither an obscene detour.

    The blood cherry orchard takes them by surprise. The salient red of the majestic trees contrasting against the ebony wood are enough to captivate the most self-absorbed demons that walk by them. It is a blinding sight but at the same time it's soothing and after a moment of color adjustment, the orchard becomes beautiful. The leaves that have fallen are a deeper red but they nonetheless share the majesty of their livelier counterparts.

    Here and there they are greeted by a large black rock, protruding from the ground as if it recently broke through. A noir rock, if Ewa had ever seen one. Kyo felt no demonic aura surging through them but he could plainly distinguish how it filled the air around them.

    “It's as though they're conducting the energy but at the same time remaining free of it,” Kyo said after curiosity had drawn him closer. He cautiously broke off a piece and, satisfied that nothing seemed to have been disturbed, stowed it away with the rest of his belongings.

    “Come now, Kyo,” Ewa calls to the holy knight. His spurts of childlike intrigue for the demon world that contrast with his inviolable distrust and cold demeanor confuse her. She travels with him, yet she does not completely trust him herself.

    Kyo steps away from the rock for a moment and without a word returns to the task at hand.

    “What, no sarcastic remark?” Ewa asks in her own sarcastic tone.

    Kyo shakes his head. “None to give.”

    Drawn by a hint of smoke in the air, both Ewa and Kyo look further ahead. Given the width and reach of the blood cherry trees, it's impossible to make a clear picture of whatever lies ahead. From what they could tell, however, there was trouble in paradise.

    The demon queen takes off in a dash when the smell is no longer a hint but a full blown nauseating and suffocating presence of smoke. Something terrible has happened. It's not just the plethora of unsigned demonic aura that floods her senses. It's not the images of ruin that her mind slowly pieces together as she runs through the surreal woods. It's not even the faint cries of the lingering emotions of a mystic people. It's her body, her petite, yet elegant body, that tells her that something is wrong. She is queen before she is woman, before she is child and before she is fear. It is the queen within her that understands.


    She weeps, for her eyes have confirmed what her heart has already whispered.

    “Ewa! Ewa!” Kyo calls out as he chases her. He does not know why she runs but regardless of reason he must not let harm befall her. That is why when he has finally reaches her figure, broken down and in pain, he feels useless. It would be foolish and an insult to act like he understood for he did not. This was a scene no human could sympathize with.

    Jenueva—the very soul of Nefarium's inspiration—burned to the ground.

    Charred wood and broken down stone buildings, the ashes of flowers and wooden bowls of fruits... the burnt bodies, all indiscriminately strewn about. Demonic aura floods the air, but it is unsigned, a clear indication that whatever happened there was unnatural. Purposeful. Worthy of the eighth ring of torture.

    Finding unsigned demonic aura is not uncommon. Finding it hovering over the deceased bodies of an entire village was something different. When a demon dies of an unnatural cause—poison, accidents, murder—their demonic aura tends to linger around their bodies. Often when a demon chooses to neglect the dark arts, their demonic energy inadvertently loses all personality—the signature that defines them—and becomes something of an extraneous aspect of themselves—another feature that proves them demon, but nothing else. These demons who have lost their demonic prowess are called Jen and there is nothing more passive in the demon world than a Jen.

    Every lifeless, charred body within the remains of the village was Jen.

    “This was no battle. This was slaughter.”

    Kyo's words roused the downhearted queen.

    She choked on her words before she could form a full reply. “Are they all... dead?”

    Truthfully? There was no way to tell without searching through rubble. Realistically? Not even a demon could have survived whatever burned this village to the ground. And what exactly did happen here? They had seen no smoke on their way here and judging by the amount of demonic aura that remained, this happened recently, two to three days sort of recently. They were close enough to have seen something. Anything.

    There was only one thing Kyo knew that could burn a demon to a crisp and not leave any evidence of its existence behind. But was it wise to mention it out loud? Was it wise to speak the words that were on his mind? He needed her trust, now more than ever. What he was thinking could only compromise that trust.

    “A demon... a very powerful demon brought forth this massacre.”

    Surprisingly, the words belonged to the short figure who was rising to her feet. The blackened remains of whatever her dress had fallen on hung unto her like a starving leech. Her dress was ruined, but her presence had become evermore terrifying.

    “How could a demon have brought such calculated destruction to this village? The fire didn't even spread into the forest.” Kyo knew he stepped on volatile ground as his question drove some logic into the queen, but she seemed so sure of her words that the holy knight did not feel threatened.

    “Before my grandfather passed away, he would tell me stories... great stories about demons past. He was very old himself and he had seen and heard many things over his lifespan, but, even though he saw many horrible sights, the greatest of demons were way before his time. Back to the time of Beelze Raizen, the first demon king.”

    “And you think a demon could have caused this?”

    “Not just any demon. An ancient demon. An ancient demon can fill your stomach with a breath of air for weeks, can turn the low tide into the high tide with a light splash from its tail, can rip a cloud out of the sky and fill it with blood, can freeze the magma within a volcano before the volcano is formed, can burn down an entire village without a single flame... The ancient demons were all sealed.”

    “...except for the Hero Slayer, Kiya,” Kyo exhales.

    A knot—a terrible and painful knot—welled up within the holy knight of Ekaros. The ancient demon wolf was free and there was a reason for that. A reason only Kyo knew and if the queen ever learned of it, there was no telling what she might do.

    “Jenueva is gone and her queen marches forth without a care...” Ewa small voice bore testament to her conflicting feelings. As a queen, her duty was clear. If she were in her castle she would dispatch a team of elite noble demons to subdue Kiya. It was her job, after all, to care for her people, even more so when the threat was an ancient demon. The rule of the Raizen was founded on the submission of the ancient demons whom reigned with terror wherever their appetite led them.

    “We should keep moving,” Kyo says and lightly taps her on the shoulder.

    Yes, they should keep moving. However noble her thoughts, the truth of the matter was simple. The ancient demons ruled with such dominance because they were no mere apparitions. Their raw strength was real, powerful and among the demons they were considered demonic. They were the stuff of nightmares and the legends of legends.

    A team of noble demons could only hope to entertain the beast a while. Only a true royal could halt an ancient in its tracks.

    “But I am still a child...”

    As their steps lead them through the streets of the lifeless town, Ewa looks from left to right. Not in a frantic matter, but one of utter peace. What would her subjects think of their queen if she did not present herself in the most regal manner. They were gone, yes, and in her travel she did not wish to present herself as queen, but there, in the stillness, where no soul would ever tell, she was a queen paying respect to her people.

    “Ewa, can you hear that?” asks Kyo.

    Certainly she could. Not too far in the distance and seemingly all around them. A melancholic sound. It was a whisper and at the same time it was a yell. Mourning and at the same time reverence.

    A song.

    O Kings and Queens of Kingdoms past
    Come hither, come forth, come here at last

    Heed my words, listen carefully
    To what remains of those around me

    Don't stare too long, lest you fade away
    And join those on their fateful day

    Say not a word or whispers tell
    Of what eyes saw and ears heard yell

    O Kings and Queens of Kingdoms past
    Come hither, come forth, come here at last

    “I hear it,” she replies.

    The holy knights turns around slowly, absorbing the village from every angle. Most of it is visible, given the fact that ninety percent of it had become ash on the ground, but the more resilient material stood true.

    “I can't pinpoint where it's coming from.”

    “There,” said Ewa, pointing at the direction she had been previously walking to.

    Straight ahead, past the mountain of rubble, was a single stone wall. It was the only thing that could still be called so. Judging from its position among the carbonized wood, it was originally a type of division located inside a house or an establishment—possibly both.

    The song continued as they walked closer but it still came from all around them rather than singularly the direction they were headed in. It was just as melancholic. Just as solemn.

    “Are you sure?” asks Kyo.

    Ewa just nods her head and slowly makes her way around the wall. She's in no hurry, strangely. It's almost as if the song would play on forever until the moment she stepped past the wall. Stopping it would be criminal.

    “Ewa?” Kyo calls out.

    Snapping from her stupor, the demon queen steps beyond the wall. A casual glance to her left is all it takes. The music does not end—no, it does just the opposite. It intensifies, riling up the strong emotions within her body.

    Delicate fingers string across a harp with force and passion. An ignorant observer would see a boy strumming some strings but Ewa was not ignorant. She saw much more. There was no boy. There was no harp. There was only musician and instrument, both pieces of a single whole. His voice was strong but not strict. It was soft and powerful like a lover's whisper on the ear.

    A single white horn, similar in shape to that of a nautilus shell, grew from the back right side of his parietal, nesting comfortably in his black hair. He wore simple robes, green over white, and when he finally opened his eyes he revealed an ocean of gold.

    The music did not stop immediately and instead slowed down to what one might think was a heartbeat, commanding the rhythm of whoever was near.


    It was all he said before his fingers began to glide across the harp once more and his lips picked up from where they left off.

    Confusion at first, but then relief played on Ewa's face. A survivor? She could only hope.

    “He-hello?” she replies.

    Her loss of words spurs Kyo to speak. “Who are you?”

    As before, he stopped playing the harp, but it was in such a manner that the music carried on in their ears. “I am Jen,” he replies calmly.

    “Jen... is that short for Jenuevan? So you are a survivor?” he asks again.

    The Jenuevan shakes his head. His locks of hair brush the oak of his harp as he sways from side to side. “Surviving implies I was somehow afflicted by this flame. His golden eyes find his hands. “I was not touched by it.”

    “Can you tell us what happened?” the holy knight asks once more.

    “Fire... and blood.”

    “Do not press him, Kyo.”

    It was certainly not the holy knight's intention to pressure the demon boy into speaking. His concern is primarily for Ewa's safety. If he knew with clarity what kind of demon to expect, he could be on full guard.

    “You're really here,” the boy says, eyes focused on Ewa. “Excuse my rudeness, Your Majesty, but I have not the strength to stand and bow.”

    “Lie still, child of Jenueva.” She did not ask him how he knew of her identity or how he even knew they were on their way. She just knelt beside him, steadying the heavy harp that trembled under his weakening fingers. “Tell me, what is your name?”

    “It is nothing worthy of your ears, my queen,” the musician replies.

    “Every word, henceforth, that leaves your mouth shall be worthy of my ears.”

    His lips, which until then only formed the vaguest hint of grievance, gave way to a subtle smile. “Outsiders call me minstrel, the Jenuevans baptized me as Era but you, my queen, may call me Mune.”

    She smiles in return. It's a smile that makes one wonder how the incarnation of all that humans believed evil could be so hated. “Mune. Can you tell me what happened?”

    His reply was a tired sigh but even that seemed melodious. “I woke right here amidst screams of agony. Everything and everyone burned but there was no fire. I could feel the heat closing in on me, from the front, from above, below and even from behind and I held on to my harp. It seemed strange then, but I played as death surrounded me. And even as I cried, the faces of my friends and strangers melted into a happy blur.”

    Such cruelty. Not even the ninth ring of torture would suffice.

    “When the building began to crumble I fell asleep.”

    Blissful sleep.

    “I've been playing ever since, hoping to catch your ear, Your Majesty.”

    Such fealty.

    “But now I think I can rest my head once more.”


    “Open your eyes, Mune... open your eyes.”

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    Re: The |Demon Queen| Is Not So Weak [Story by Eternal]

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    Chapter 4
    Rest Is for the Weary

    Golden orbs disappear behind a cold pair of eyelids.

    Death comes swiftly and peacefully to those who await it with open arms. Most demons believe this to be true so many do no fight the icy grip when it takes hold. The demon queen knew this too and over yells and shakes she cried. How could she not? To have hope dangled in front of her and pulled away as soon she reached was harsh and unusual torture.

    Her hands push and pull the shoulders of the petite boy but the body only moves as it is told to. Forward with a pull, backward with a push.

    The minstrel looks peaceful amongst the dead village. He's a pure spot—untainted by the evil that destroyed his home. His harp too is still pristine, elegant and sturdy. It's like a painting, only that the pain is not evoked by the beautiful strokes or the painter's touch. It is real. It is unbearable.

    Smack. Her palm connects with his cheek but only her hand retains the rosy blood within her skin. Again and again with varying force. Each blow hits like the last but less accurately until she's harming herself.

    Her arm swings back once more but there it has to stop. The holy knight's grip proves to be stronger. He shakes his head as if to say, “No more, Ewa.” But still her eyes do not yet dry.

    “Please, Kyo.” Her lips only motion but the words they speak are ever so clear.

    “We must move,” says the holy knight. “Before whatever did this returns.”

    Although certain he can handle the might of any demon he encounters, he uses term handle with care. Keeping himself alive, no problem. Keeping the queen alive, check. Fending the demon off, a possibility. Exacting her revenge, not so simple. With the way her tears fell, he is sure that if blows came to blow, one side would end up dead.

    And ancient demons live longer than any other for a reason.

    “I... I... I can save him, Kyo! I know I can!”

    The words the holy knight spoke next were cruel, even by his own standards. Had he a choice, they would have never left his mouth. “He's DEAD, Ewa. Do you understand that concept? The flame of his life has been extinguished. He will not come back and no amount of crying, begging or wishing will reverse that.”

    She snaps back at him like an angry snake, canines like fangs reared and eyes the color of the endless night. She was a demon. A royal demon. A Raizen demon. How dare this lowly human familiar command her when her position was that of master?

    “Shut up,” she barks.

    Kyo flinches at the sight. Demon. That's right. No matter how she makes herself appear, her blood boils in the holy light. He feels slight disgust, but that is quickly squeezed out by a much stronger emotion. Fear. It was a feeling a demon had only ever evoked once from him.

    “Help me with this,” she says, calmly, like the sweet natured queen had never left.

    His hesitation is brief, noticeable only by his subconscious. “What are you going to do?” he asks indifferently.

    “His essence still remains in this cloud of aura. I'm going to bring him back before he dissipates.”

    “Even I know resurrection is impossible. No art, however unholy, can revive the dead.” Not as they were in life anyway.

    She stares back, eyes still blackened and enraged. “Come here. Now.”

    Kyo's eyebrows furrow. He wants to be angry at her, but the fear of her impedes it and he follows her instructions unwillingly.

    “Place your hands on the harp.” He places them. “What do you feel?”

    At first, Kyo is perplexed by the question. What does he feel? He feels the smooth ebony wood. It is a warm almost friendly feeling. The care that was given in the construction as well as preservation of this object was almost emotional.

    But it was still just wood.

    “What am I supposed to be feeling?” he asks.

    Mune, you dolt. Mune. For a Jenuevan minstrel, his instrument may as well be a part of his body. As a Jen, he refused the dark arts, but he is still a demon. Prolonged exposure to him must have left some sort of mark on the harp. I need you to find it and after you find it I need you to locate the rest of his aura in the cloud.”

    Dolt? Even if what she said was remotely plausible there was no way he would be able to lock onto it and search for it in the demonic energy cloud above him. Mune's demonic energy was unsigned, like every other demon's in the village. It was like asking to distinguish a specific molecule of water within a bucket.

    “No,” Kyo replies. “This is ridiculous. Why don't you do it?”

    Ewa cocks her head to one side, almost slightly rolling it. Her right hand jerks erratically. All of it is eerie. Her mannerisms, her voice, “the way she stares at me,” thinks Kyo.

    “Are you a species of brain dead human by any chance? Think for a moment. His energy is unsigned. I CANNOT search for it, otherwise I would not be requesting your meager services.”

    Tch. “What makes you think I'll have any success?”

    Ewa snickers. “Do not take me for a fool. I was witness to your actions in the Darkwoods. You yourself have bragged of your knowledge in Demonology. Go ahead. Impress me.”

    The fear subsides for a fraction of a second, replaced by the incessant need in his head that tells him to subdue the child and take her in unconscious. But those are idle thoughts.

    His hand has already begun to glow, like a hot red stone—except that the light is pure white. The light burns more intensely, burning and burning until his hand is no longer a hand but a ball of pure light. That light then solidifies slowly into a gunky substance while pieces break off from the once perfect circle, dropping to the ground like radioactive waste. The burning ball soon begins to clear, the viscosity of the liquid lessens until finally what's left is a sphere of pristine clear water, wrapped around his hand like an orb.

    The orb is a beacon of sorts. It sends and receives signals—demonic energy signals in this case—making the job of locating a known demon a simple affair. However, even with the water beacon, locating specific unsigned aura was ludicrous.

    Kyo had reached into a cloud of demonic aura before so he was not surprised now but his first time was a less than pleasurable experience. Reaching into any energy cloud is like dipping your hand into a vat of transparent plasma. Depending on the type of energy, holy, water, ember, nature, gale or any other, the feeling changes but you can almost always associate it with its specific energy type. Dipping your hand into a demonic aura cloud... well, for a holy knight of Ekaros, it is a painful experience.

    Holy and Demonic energies are opposite by nature. Forcing their pure forms into direct contact causes painful energy recoil. The feeling of energy recoil is most closely likened to electricity coursing throughout your body. There is also the fact that demonic energy preserves the personality—the signature—of its user and that is an entirely different feeling in and of itself. As Kyo searches through the demonic aura around Jenueva, he begins to notice subtle difference throughout the cloud. Yes, it is all unsigned, but even then it feels as if there is a hint of individual life within each. He also notices that even though the demonic aura is painful, the subtle personalities of the Jenuevans are almost pleasant—healing.

    One specifically is overpowering the others. Not in a sense that it is trying to take over the cloud. It's a different feeling. One that's screaming, “I am here.”

    “Got it,” Kyo says and winces. A prideful grin is vaguely present on his face. This is something new to add to his knowledge of Demonology. Something he discovered.

    “Good.” Ewa is also grinning, but her smile is not warm. Her face is not pleasant. Before Kyo can process her actions, she clenches onto both of his arms, one holding the wood of the harp and the other outstretched to the sky. She's strong. Stronger than Kyo remembers and he cannot shake her off. She squeezes tighter and her
    nails dig into his skin, drawing blood. Her blackened eyes follow the blood trail with a curious gaze.

    And in a bloodcurdling moment she arcs her back, her eyes focus on the great sky above her. Minstel, minstrel, minstrel. Her lips simply mouth the words. If you can manage the sight of her face, those contorted lips, the beast like teeth, those eyes that pull you into the abyss... If you can focus long enough on her eyes, you'd see that it is not all one black. There is a darker shade, darting back and forth like a pupil gone out of concentration. In a sickening a halt, the darker spot contracts and expands as if focusing on a specific point out in the space above her.

    “Minstrel, Mune, descend. Your queen commands it.”

    Not altogether material or immaterial, the cloud begins to swirl. Different energies collide and connect, reject and accept. From that place where Kyo felt Mune's presence, the cloud becomes the densest, so dense that if a swipe could be made at it, the cloud would surely be squeezed. And then the first fingers emerged; long and flimsy, black and skeletal. As the full hand followed suit, it grabbed at the air like it was searching for a grip.

    When the fist was finally clenched, the cloud it emerged from cloaked it and as the cloud left once more a hazy afterimage of a hand stood in place of the skeletal one. A black skull also burst from the cloud, still connected to the body by its vertebrae, chattering like a night's chill. The cloud cloaked it too and as soon as it left, the handsome face of the minstrel remained. The rest of his body emerged from the cloud fully formed.

    But Kyo knew better. Under the false skin was a dark and skeletal nightmare.

    The specter descended as if it had been called by name. Ewa's eyes followed its very descent. Once its feet touch the ground, her grip on Kyo laxes enough for him to rip away and entertain the thought of exorcising the spirit and flash binding the queen.

    Ewa pays no mind.

    “I have called you here from your passage across the Styx for a single reason.”

    The ghost, briefly entertained by the form of its body lying on the ground, turns to the speaker. The look in its eye is absent-minded. It is strange, almost ironic, that the soul would appear so soulless. “Name it.”

    “Embrace my darkness and I shall grant you rebirth on the seventh year.”

    The specter's eyes do not give any indication that they have understood the queen's request. In fact, the specter does not immediately seem interested in the queen at all. “As a Jen, I have cast out the darkness within me and embraced tranquility. I was a simple minstrel in life, gifted only with an eternal passion. Do you understand what you ask of me?”

    The demon queen's sudden state of terror softens. Her eyes lighten, and although still saturated with the dark energy, they are no longer acting on impulse. She nods her reply. “And my heart grieves.”

    “Very well. Even though I have rejected the demon, I will never deny my queen. Take my harp as proof.”
    Ewa looks at the instrument, firmly in the hands of its owner even after death. She feels the wood with a closing fist rather than a gentle caress. She licks her lips. Is it hunger? Or is that raw emotion she exudes ecstasy?

    She shakes her head violently and in a rush takes a hold of a single string, pulling it with such a force that it snaps cleanly off. Only those present could describe what the noise it made was like but none can argue that the harp had released a pained cry.

    “With this sacrifice, the contract has been forged.” The string falls under the strong gaze of Ewa's eyes, as if all that existed for her in that moment was the singular strand. A breeze that comes from above stirs up her hair, whipping it at her face, stirring the lifeless thread into action. The specter reaches for the string and when the immaterial makes contact with the material, the contract is finalized.

    What has been cast unto the fire can never be returned.

    The words are spoken by both Jen and demon queen as the eerie ritual comes to a close.

    “Welcome back, Mune the minstrel.”

    The demon queen's voice is coated with a hint of lusciousness while the minstrel's reply is more lively than his previous statements.

    “Well, I suppose Mune the darkling would be the more appropriate term now, correct?”

    There are many terms one can use to refer themselves to the souls that persist after death. Some use the words interchangeably, without really understanding the connotations of each. They are ignorant, mostly, and the lack of knowledge would never really harm them, but one must never assume that all the dead that walk the earth are the same. There are differences, yes. Some may even say that there are different degrees of the dead, ranging from good to neutral to completely evil.

    Among the kinder ones are spirits and benign souls. Ghosts, apparitions, phantoms, shades and wandering souls border the neutral section of the spectrum. The last group is comprised of specters, poltergeists and wraiths which are never to be trifled with.

    However, disregarding all the classic categorizations, there is one type of ethereal being that is not evil, neutral nor good. That is a darkling.

    Although the first impression one might have of a darkling is of utter malice, there is no way to assume or guess a darkling's alignment with minimal information. Darklings are, in the purest of definitions, indentured servants created through the dark arts. As such, their actions can only be held accountable to their masters. One might see their position as that of a neutral ethereal being, but their ability to act on their own is questionable at most.

    The conditions for a darkling to be created are extreme and highly unlikely so even the mention of one in any era is a rare occurrence. Darklings are born from tragedy, summoned by the raw power of a noble demon or higher and, by order of the ritual, expected to sign over their very will. A darkling can only be called over if the soul in question is crossing the river styx, never before or after and there must always be a witness to the event.

    The last condition is of utter importance to both summoner and summoned. Darklings are summoned in terms of contracts, years which may be added or subtracted dependent on the skill of the summoner but the base contract is of a seven year period. Over the course of the seven years, the darkling is allowed a measure of the summoners dark energy which will ultimately lead to its rebirth—a repossession of its former body.

    However, should the summoner party become unable to complete the contract, by loss of power or death, the darkling is given the soul of the summoner as payment for services rendered, regardless of the summoned time.

    “Which is why I will never allow you to perish, my queen,” says the young minstrel with a hearty tone.

    “Should my death come to pass, I am aware of the consequences of my actions,” replied the demon queen.

    But she was no longer the “demon” queen that had assaulted Kyo earlier. The darkness she pulled from within her body made her aggressive, violent to a point of being dangerous. She is fully aware of how she behaved as well so the only face she can make when her eyes cross paths with the holy knight is one of shame.

    “Sorry,” she whispers from time to time.

    Was that really enough? The question rattles Kyo. She called on the dark energy willingly and the queen was no fool. She knew what would happen if she dug into it too deep, which she did. It would posses her like nothing else could. However, Kyo cannot erase another image from his mind. Not the one of her maddened face, but the one that preceded it the instant before. Her heart had been shattered and Kyo would not judge her for that.

    “Give me a warning next time,” he finally replies, arriving to the conclusion that she acted on her feelings as a queen rather than selfish desire.

    That brightened her face.

    “And what are we supposed to do with this?” Kyo asks wryly, his eyes lying softly on the corpse of the darkling. “In seven years you're supposed to reposses it, a concept which I'm finding difficult to understand at the moment, given the fact that it will have rotted by then. That's of course if the wild beasts of Nefarium don't get to it first. Which they will.”

    “Demon bodies are different than a human's...” Ewa says timidly.

    “Yes, but even that has its limits,” the holy knight retorts.

    “This fellow is correct,” says Mune. “Although demon, my body is almost pure Jen. That in itself weakens its constitution.”

    “This ritual is ridiculous,” says Kyo slightly irritated. “Who in their right minds decided on a seven year period?”

    “Seven is a powerful number,” the minstrel replies, “but years are a bit of an exaggeration...”

    “Quiet you two, I'm trying to think,” Ewa spouts. Both her thumbs are rubbing into her temple as though the action would stimulate her thinking. The thumb rubbing was followed by mumbling and, promptly after that, pacing.

    Mune stood by quietly watching her pace back and forth but Kyo's attention was dedicated to the surroundings. The valley of the noir rocks was an easy place to defend, strategically. If guard towers had been placed high up on the hills and mountains that surrounded it, they would have seen the terror coming before it knew it had been spotted but of course... their civilization was one that coveted peace throughout their art. Guard towers were counterproductive to that cause.

    But still... a little worry wouldn't have hurt.

    “I've got it!” Ewa yells.


    “I've got the perfect idea,” she reiterates.

    “Well, out with it,” says Kyo.


    “What a brilliant idea!” Kyo replies.

    “You agree?!” the demon queen asks altogether too fast.

    “No, obviously not. I haven't the faintest clue what you're talking about.”

    Watching Ewa pout in reply was all the amusement Kyo required from the exchange.

    “If I may,” Mune interrupts. “Chronostasis is a delicate type of time magic in which the target in question is, for all purposes, frozen in time. Time itself is unaffected but the body enters a state of unalterability, frozen in a specific instance of time. The object's shape, pose and composition is completely unchangeable. In a sense, the object becomes indestructible.”

    “How perfectly convenient for this situation,” replies Kyo.

    “Convenient?” replies Mune. “Perhaps not. The branch of time magic is an elusive one. Those who have been said to perfect it never spend much time in a single era. They jump back and forth, never really stopping. If you want to study the art, you must dedicate your life to self-study.”

    “And there's the catch,” sighed the holy knight.

    “But we needn't look so far for time magic,” Ewa says, still excited by her idea. “Among my court there was a quiet old demon who kept mostly to himself and only spoke when absolutely necessary. When I inquired Sebastian about him, he told me that he didn't know much of the old demon except that my father had found his peculiar talents useful. He's a rare specimen collector and he would prepare these elaborate crystal domes where he would trap and preserve rare insects and small mammals.”

    “And you happen to have one of these crystal domes at hand, large enough to fit the boy's body inside?” Kyo asks, sparing her none of his sarcasm.

    Ewa stops chattering. “Not exactly...”

    “So we're back to square one,” he states.

    “Again... not exactly...” Ewa replies.

    “Would you mind being a bit more clear with your explanation then?”

    “We can make a chronostasis chamber,” she said outright. “Where else to but here? Time magic requires constant energy feed and the valley of the noir rocks is nothing but random spouts of it. We can feed it to the chamber.”

    “You're forgetting the core of the issue. We are one time magician short.”

    “I was getting to that,” she replies. “I've spent more time in the royal library than is considered healthy. I've picked up on a few interesting things. Time magic being one of them.”


    A few questions and answers later, their plan finally takes on plausible form. The darkling manages to carry his own body and although strange, he does not seem bothered by the out of body experience. Because darklings have a stronger presence than other ethereal beings, physical interaction like so is possible.

    They climb up a hill that seemed to be the most inhabited by the noir rocks. On that hill they enter a cave, hidden away by a thin sheet of grass that grew like a flap over the entrance. This cave was to be the chronostasis chamber.

    The demonic aura spread throughout the hill is undoubtedly strong, stronger than the air around Jenueva. One might have thought that another tragedy had occurred on that mountain but there is no need to believe that. The high saturation is due to the presence of the black rocks spread out through the hill.

    “This is good,” Ewa states, examining the cave in its entirety.

    “I'm glad to be of service, my queen,” Mune says humbly, “although the service is conversely for my own benefit.”

    “I'll have none of that,” the demon queen reprimands.

    “Sorry to disturb your lovers' quarrel, but although this doesn't look it, it is quite heavy,” Kyo says as he places the ebony harp down.

    “There was no need to bring it along,” the minstrel says although he does not sound angry at Kyo for the gesture. He looks longingly at his instrument like it had been years since he'd last seen it.

    “A certain queen said this is some sort of extension of your own body. Thinking it about it like that, leaving it out in the open to rot seems rather morbid,” the holy knight replies.

    The minstrels smiles and bows his head.

    “The process for this is very simple,” Ewa says and her voice rebounds throughout the cave. “But at the same time it's very delicate. We could potentially trap ourselves in here for eternity.”

    “On that note, I shall be waiting outside,” says Kyo as he quietly sets the harp down and makes his way to the exit.

    “Wait...” the queen yells. It's a cautious yell, timid in some ways. “You have to stay... wait no, what I mean is, I need you to stay.”

    He shoots an interested glance at her and although his instincts do not agree with the possibility of being time-trapped, Ewa's plea has gotten to him. Eyes closed, she bows her head with a thank you, falling softly on her knees beside the minstrel's corpse. “I'll concentrate the spell around the body. As soon as I've finished the chant, we'll have a minute delay before the spell takes effect. If we're not out by then... we could emerge to a very different Nefarium.”

    As soon as she places her hands together, the area beneath her and the body ignite with a silver like radiance. Her lips begin to move faster than either minstrel or holy knight can read them. Kyo felt the energy building up around the room but seemingly none of it was demonic. He had never before experienced anything quite like it. The radiance beneath her expands beyond her body, growing thinner the farther it spreads out. When it looks like it'll disappear, a blast of energy comes from its core—Ewa—and with renewed vigor continues to travel beneath their feet, unto the walls and even the ceiling.

    What remains inside the cave is truly a sight to behold. The pure silver light casts a monotone aura all throughout the cave, robbing everything of its color as if turning everything within its domain to stone. A stone that could last forever.

    So absorbed by the strange beauty of it all, both males almost missed Ewa's short gasp. The chant was over.

    “We must move out.” He asks the queen no questions as he carries her limp body out through the grass flap. The darkling casts one last forlorn glance into the chronostasis chamber, but he is not admiring the beauty of it all or stealing one last glance of his body. It was the ebony harp, so beautifully constructed that even the silver light could not steal its shine. In the end, it was the last piece of his identity. The last the demon world would see of the minstrel.

    “For a demon, seven years should go by like a step through an open door,” says Kyo, witnessing the lost hope of the minstrel.

    “Time is different for a Jenuevan. Though our bodies will age the same as other demons, our souls feel every moment of the passage of time. In instant, three weeks... seven. I will feel every moment.”

    “Do you regret your decision?” asks Kyo.

    Mune's soulful eyes rest on the queen. Her breaths are slow and easy. Her arms relaxed around the holy knight'ss neck. Her eyes which have not opened since they had closed inside the cave shiver ever so slightly.

    “No. She answered when I called. I will not regret answering hers.”

    “Seven years of servitude is hardly an equal exchange for a chance opportunity.”

    The village of Jenueva lies in ruins at the foot of the hills. The entirety of where it once stood had been painted a charcoal black and only a single spot remained untouched. That was Mune.

    “Chance had no play in it,” Mune replies gently, “but you may see it as you wish.” Waking up from the trance the desolate village cast upon him, he finally asks the question which he should of asked before he agreed to the contract. “Where are we headed?”

    Kyo simply points to the large gates in the distance which are impending as ever.

    “To marry off the queen.”

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