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    Cards [Story by Yuki]


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    Cards [Story by Yuki]

    Post  xYuuki on Tue Dec 25, 2012 8:56 pm

    Hello~~ Hi I've decided to do a story for myself
    I suddenly got this idea in the middle of the class, and we had to write about something, either the person losing something or finding something, and I got a AWESOME idea and I asked the teacher, but it can't be fictional so.... I was like huh then sigh
    Yeaaah... Hope you like it xD

    Also, thank you Kyo-sama for fixing it for me and everyone else that helped~~

    Just so you know, •••••• is my awesome time skipping powers lol.

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    Re : Cards [Story by Yuki]

    Post  xYuuki on Tue Dec 25, 2012 9:13 pm

    ~ Part 1 ~

    It was a normal spring day and Yoshino Kana was walking home from school. Moments before reaching her house, she noticed five cards lying on the ground. This was indeed strange, because the people in her neighborhood rarely lost things.

    Upon a closer look, she noticed that the five cards were of different colors: blue, black, red, green, yellow, and all of them had rose patterns on it. She decided to keep them.

    As she was getting ready to go to school the next day, she put the cards in the drawer, so they would be safe while she was at school, after all, she was quick to lose things.


    During her lunch break, she asked her best friend, Kiomizu Yuuka to lend her some notes.

    "Hey, Yuuka! Let me borrow your math notes!" she called out to her.

    "Yeah, sure," the other girl replied with a smile. Kana thanked her as she sat down with Yuuka's notebook, opening her own backpack and gasping at the sight.

    "What's wrong?" Yuuka asked with slight concern.

    "U-uh, n-nothing...," Kana stuttered.

    "If you say so...," Yuuka said with a suspicious look.

    Kana once again took a look into her backpack, and saw the four cards. It was the same four cards that she had put in her drawer. 'Didn't I put this in my drawer...?' She thought to herself. 'How could they be here? I probably misplaced them... But... No, I'm absolutely positive I put them into my drawer... GAAAH MY MIND'S GONNA EXPLODE...' She screamed out in her thoughts and decided to just put them back once she gets home.

    She did put the cards into her drawer when she came home that day, and the day after that, and the day after, but they just kept on reappearing into her bag, time and time again. Fed up with all that she decided to tear up the cards and throw them away, but even so, they kept reappearing either in her bag, or inside her pockets. She asked around, trying to find the owner of those cards, but no body knew whom they belonged to.

    Confused, she gave up for that day, crawled into her bed and fell asleep soon after that.

    •••••••••••A FEW DAYS LATER•••••••••••

    "Hmm... It seems the Bearer has been chosen..."


    A couple of days had passed and the teacher introduced a transfer student. That again was strange, because it was in the middle of the trimester.

    "Everyone, this is Kurihara Jin, "the teacher said, "introduce yourself."

    "Yes, I'm Kurihara Jin. Nice to meet you." he said with a smile and bowed, long jet black hair falling down the side of his face causing the girls to blush.

    'Wooow... They seriously fall for that...?' Kana thought to herself.

    "Take a seat next to Yoshino Kana-san," said the teacher and Kana raised her hand.

    "Yes," said Jin as he walked to the empty desk and took a seat, as the girls stared, "Nice to meet you."

    "Yeah." Kana replied, absentmindedly. "Yoshino-san will also show you around the school," said the teacher.


    "Hey, would you show me around the school?" Jin asked Kana with a sweet smile during lunch break.

    "Yeah sure," she replied plainly. Right before she was about to leave, she waved at Yuuka and Yuuka smiled back at her. When they were in the hallway, she checked her pockets, it kind of became a daily routine to see if the cards were still there.

    Jin looked at her and with a smile, asked her if there was something the matter. “It’s nothing” she answered, she wanted to add that his stupid grin is bothering her, but she decided not to.

    They walked down the hallway and Kana showed him where all the classrooms were, and the further they went down the hallway the more looks they attracted, or better said, he attracted.

    Jin was still wearing that smile on his face, which mad all the girls look his way. He seemed as if he liked the attention, he even waved at one of the girls. 'Why doesn’t he just ask one of the girls to show him around…argh, this is so bothersome' Kana thought.

    As if he had heard her thoughts, he turned towards her with a smile, “It is very kind of you to show me around like this, if you wouldn’t mind could you also show me around the gym and the outside of the school?” he asked.

    “Yeah whatever.” she answered and went for the stairs leading to the entrance door. He kept talking to her going on and on about things but she didn’t listen to him, she just randomly answered or made a comment every now and then, to make it seem as if she’s listening.

    She could’ve even made a promise with him and wouldn’t even notice… 'Did he tell me anything important?' she thought after they parted, but she soon discarded that thought as she estimated it didn’t matter.


    When Kana went back home, she thought about it and came to the conclusion that there was something strange about the new transfer student, Jin.

    Although it was his first time at this school, he knew an awful lot about it. 'Strange...' She thought. She pulled out the cards with a sigh and inspected them again. She already tried to searching for information about them online but nothing came up. 'I'll try asking Yuuka if she knows anything about them, that is if Kurihara doesn't bother me again.' she thought as she lay down to bed and went to sleep.

    ~ Part 1 END ~

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    Age : 19
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    Re : Cards [Story by Yuki]

    Post  xYuuki on Fri Mar 15, 2013 3:41 pm

       ~ Part 2 ~

    When Kana went to school, she couldn’t stop thinking whether Jin had actually told her anything important, she hoped he hadn’t. She didn't want to do something she promised without realizing it..... 'Argh... Did he actually tell me anything important....? What if I promised him something? Should I go ask him...? Aaah, whatever....' she thought.


    Kana sighed as she arrived at school , wondering if she promised him anything important. 'I also have to ask Yuuka about the cards...' Kana thought. She decided to leave asking Yuuka last, because she would be the last person to know anything about it, because if she had lost anything, she would have asked Kana about it right away.


    After class, Kana decided to ask Yuuka. "Hey, are these yours?"

    "No," Yuuka replied, shaking her head.

    "Then do you know who these belong to?" Kana asked again, with a hopeful tone in her voice.

    Again, Yuuka shook her head, "But..."

    "Yes?" Asked Kana with a smile.

    "Yesterday as I was walking to the art room, I overheard you and Jin talking about cards."

    "Eh? We... did?" Kana asked, looking a bit clueless

    Nodding, Yuuka continued, "If I remember correctly, I think it was about five cards?"

    "......Seriously?" Kana asked hoping she was only joking. Sadly, Yuuka was saying the truth. 'Uggghh... What have I gotten myself into? What did I tell him?'

    "Then, did you hear anything abo---" But Kana was interrupted with a cheerful call.

    "HEEEEY Kana-chan, come here for a sec.," Said the person that interrupted her.

    "Ugh.... Not Kurihara again?" Kana said with an annoyed voice, "See you later Yuuka."

    "Alright, " Yuuka said with a smile.


    "Why are you even calling me 'Kana-chan'?" asked Kana, a little frustrated as soon as they left the school ground.

    "Changing your mind in one day? Also, stop calling me 'you' call me Jin-kun." Said Jin with a smirk.

    "Huh? Changing my mind? And why would I call you that, Kurihara is fine. "

    "You said I could call you Kana-chan yesterday and you would also call me Jin-kun." he said while whining like a little kid.

    "Eh...? I did?" She quietly asked, but it was more asking herself the question.

    Jin sighed and lowered his voice, "Do you remember about the promise?"

    "E-eh? Promise?" she asked.

    "Yes promise, you forgot?" he replied, raising an eyebrow.

    "Uhh..." She said as she tried to fight back a blush. 'Exactly what did I promise him?'

    With a sigh, he said, "The cards do you have them? If you do, may I see them?"

    "Umm, why?" She asked, unsure if she should trust him, after all, he was still a stranger.

    "Because.... I can explain everything to you. I understand it. I know why, and I can answer all of your unanswered questions."

    Slowly, Kana hesitantly took out the cards and was about to pass them to him, when a voice in her head told her to not. 'Should I give them to him? I don't know if I should trust him or not...' As she was debating whether to give him the cards or not, Jin just reached out, attempting to grab them, when suddenly, they started to shine in her hands.

    Wha--? So soon?!" Jin said, while covering his eyes from the blinding light.

    "H-huh? What is this?" Asked Kana, confused.

    "Hey! Leave Kana alone!" Yelled a very loud, rough voice.

    "Kana-sama! Are you alright?" A somewhat young voice asked.

    "Get your dirty hands off of her," Growled a deep, frightening voice.

    "Now, now, calm down, Rouge, Ciel, Noir, you don't want to frighten Kana-chan," another voice, this time cheerful.

    "Juane is right, you shouldn't scare Ojou-chan." A calm, peaceful voice said.

    As the blinding light cleared, she saw their appearances. There were five people and one had red hair, and he looked buff, and there was someone with blue hair, and he looked about the same age as Kana. The next person she saw is a person wearing all black and and his hair covered his eyes, giving off a somewhat frightening look. The next had yellow hair, and he had a smile on his face, looking like be didn't have a care in the world. Kana's eyes went to the next one, he had green hair, and he looked friendly and calm.

    "We'll get rid of this guy first and then we'll explain everything to Kana," The person with red hair said, as he lifted his hand up, and fire suddenly appeared,"Leave right now!"

    "Hmm... Just me up agents five Guardians... That's not so good..." Those we're the last words Jin said before disappearing into thin air.

    "W-wha?" Kana stammered, "W-who are you people?"

    "Oh, please excuse us, Ojou-chan, we have yet introduced ourselves. I am Vert." The one with green hair said.

    "And I'm Mer Rouge, but you can just call me Rouge," The one with the red hair said.

    "Hello," said the one with the blue hair, and bowed, "Please call me Ciel."

    "...Noir," said the one with black hair.

    "I'm Juane," the one with yellow hair said with a being smile.

    "Um... Yeah, but, who are you guys?" Asked a puzzled and frightened Kana.

    "We are Ojou-chan's Guardians, or the Cards," Vert explained.

    "Guardians...?" Kana asked.

    "Yes, we are to protect Kana-sama, because there are people after Kana-sama since you are the Bearer," Ciel answered.


    "Yes, once in 100 years, a new Bearer is chosen, " Rouge said.

    "And, each Bearer has five Guardians because Mal's attack the Bearer because there is an enormous amount power inside them, in this case, inside you, Kana-chan, and all of the Mal's want the power," Juane added.

    "But don't worry, we'll protect Ojou-chan," Vert said with a smile.

    Noir just looked on at the chattering group, and said in a barely audible voice, "There's more to it..."

    "Huh? What was it?" Kana asked Noir.

    "Nothing," Noir said as he turned his head.

    "Okay...," Kana said, turning back to the rest of the Guardians, and asked, "How do I let you turn back into a card, and back to a human again?"

    "Oh, that part's easy," Rouge said,"When you want us to become cards, just say tournez-vous vers une carte."

    "T-tournes-vous v-vers une carte?" Kana said as she tried the words, but failed.

    Rouge laughed a little and said, "When you want us to turn into a human, just say  tourner à un être humain."

    "Oh... I see," Kana said.

    "After school tomorrow, Ojou-chan can summon us again, and we can show Ojou-chan our powers," Vert said.


    "Yes, each Guardian has a unique power of its own to protect Ojou-chan. We can show Ojou-chan after school tomorrow." Vert said, smiling.

    "Oh, yeah sure. I'll remember," Kana said.

    "Kana-sama, it is about time to go back home, " Ciel said, bowing.

    Laughing, Juan and Vert said, "Oh look, Ciel-chan is acting like a butler.""S-shut up!" Ciel yelled, blushing.

    "Well, it is time for you to go home," Rouge said.

    "Bye Kana-chan," Juane said with a smile.

    "See ya Kana," Rouge said.

    "See you tomorrow, Kana-sama," Ciel said.

    "Later, Ojou-chan," Vert said. Noir just simply nodded goodbye at Kana, not bothering to say anything.

    "Uhh... So I say.... Tournez-vous vers une carte," Kana said, unsure if she said it correctly. After she finish saying it, she was sure she said it correctly, because in the places of the Guardians, were the cards. Kana sighed as she went back home. "What did Noir mean about 'There's more to it'?" Kana wondered to herself 'Oh well, I guess he'll bring it up when it's important.' After the long day, Kana was extremely tired, so as soon as she flopped onto her bed, she fell asleep.

    With the cards by her, of course.

    ~ Chapter 1 END ~

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    Re: Cards [Story by Yuki]

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